Take-Two dropped its lawsuit over Red Dead Redemption 2’s Pinkerton agents

A lawsuit on The Wild West Pinkerton agents of Red Dead Redemption 2 is quietly ending, with Take-Two Interactive publisher and developer Rockstar Games dismissing a defensive complaint against the current Pinkerton agency.

-Dos and its subsidiary Rockstar filed the lawsuit in January, responding to a notice of termination and withdrawal of Pinkerton, which argued Red Dead Redemption 2 had infringed its trademark. The editor wanted a court to rule that his use of the name Pinkerton, as part of a game that emphasizes historical accuracy, was fair use. But GameDaily.biz notes that the lawsuit was dropped today, apparently ending the dispute.

The Pinkerton National Detective Agency is a staple of Western fiction, reflecting its true role in the Old American West. (It was acquired in 1999 by the Swedish security company Securitas AB). However, the company asked Take-Two to pay royalties for the right to mention its agents in the latest installment of Red Dead Redemption . After Take-Two's lawsuit, Pinkerton also claimed that Rockstar was damaging his reputation by portraying agents as "violent villains" and allowing players to kill them.

"Take-Two can confirm that the current Pinkerton Consulting and Research company has withdrawn its claims against Red Dead Redemption 2 and Take-Two will not pursue legal action against Pinkerton. Network Dead Redemption 2 is a work of fiction set in the late nineteenth century that refers to active historical entities during that time, "said a spokesman for Take-Two The Verge . Pinkerton did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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