T-Mobile says it has blocked 1 billion spam calls, is ready for call authentication

T-Mobile today announced that it has blocked more than a billion scam calls since it launched the Scam ID and Scam Block feature 18 months ago. T-Mobile said the customer is ready to adopt the new FCC SHAKEN / STIR standard to receive confirmed calls.

Robocalls in the United States reached an all – time high of 147 million spam calls a day. . Because it is easy to become a Robocaller, the barriers to entry are lower and con artists have started in the form of "Nearby Spoofing", which increases the chances of calling by dialing the area code of the target phone number. T-Mobile says it is improving Scam ID and Scam Block functionality to protect customers against this type of robocall.

T-Mobile announced that its operators are ready to adopt the FCC's demand for a more robust telephone authentication system, a framework called SHAKEN / STIR. Telephone companies can use SHAKEN (secure processing of information generated using token) and the Secure Telephony Identity Revisited (STIR) standard to ensure that the telephone company is actually the telephone number of the person that the customer actually dials. (19659004) T-Mobile and Metro customers must have anti-spam protection on their network that has a built-in Scam ID (flagged as Scam Likely) but completely blocks the call. T-Mobile and Metro customers dial # ONB # (# 662 #) on the phone and dial # STS # (# 787 #) to make sure they are active and # OFB # # 632 #.

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