T-Mobile rebrands its unlimited plans as "Magenta" and downgrades free Netflix

T-Mobile announced today that its unlimited data plans will soon be called Magenta and Magenta Plus, a change from its current brand "T-Mobile One." With the new names come some adjustments to how each plan works. First, T-Mobile now includes 3GB of LTE hotspot usage with the Magenta base plan. Previously, T-Mobile One was limited to 3G tethering speeds.

But there is a bigger adjustment for people in family plans: T-Mobile is degrading the quality of its "Netflix on Us" promotion in Magenta to the basic Netflix subscription, which is limited to standard definition quality (HD broadcasting is not allowed) and limits You to watch on only one device at a time. T-Mobile is fully blaming this change on the most recent price increase of Netflix plans.

T-Mobile One customers can now choose to maintain the standard Netflix plan and pay an additional $ 2 per month starting in July. To avoid that increase, you can cancel the Netflix function on us or change to Magenta, which costs the same price. (One of T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" promises is that the company will never force you to abandon a plan unless you make the change).

Going to Magenta Plus will keep it at the standard Netflix level and it comes with the previous level. The benefits of T-Mobile One Plus include HD video streaming, 20GB LTE access point, faster data speeds abroad and free Wi-Fi in Gogo flight.

T-Mobile says that on June 2 it will launch a promotion in which the operator will match the corporate or affiliate discounts it currently receives from its competitors if it makes the change. You will have to take your bill to a T-Mobile store to take advantage of this last offer, and discounts are limited to $ 15 for a single line or $ 30 for a family plan. But the match will be made in increments of $ 5, so there is the possibility that T-Mobile exceeds its current discount in some circumstances if it falls between $ 10 and $ 15.

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