T-Mobile Mini streaming box leaks in FCC filings

News about T-Mobile's reputable Internet TV service has been circulated since 2017, and a new FCC report for set-top boxes is expected to be released at last. This file, found by Variety contains a user manual PDF called the "T-Mobile Mini" and contains some pictures of the streaming box. E-Filing was made by Kaonmedia, a maker of set-top boxes for Layer3 TV, a small cable company acquired by T-Mobile earlier this year.

There is an HDMI input / output port on the back of the unit. Connect additional devices such as streaming boxes and game consoles. There is also an Ethernet port and a USB port for software upgrades, but there is no coaxial port, so it will be an internet-only box. This device will ship with 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth LE, and will probably come with a remote control.

t mobile mini streaming box leaks in fcc filings


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We do not know too much detail about the plans for T-Mobile's TV service, but with the recent earnings announcement,

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