Swift Minimal for Samsung – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] APK Free Download

Swift Minimal is a sub-theme with over 190 minimal overlays with dark or black options that support Samsung S9, S8, Note 8, and S7. Samsung – Quickest minimum for Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] Download the latest version of APK for Android for free. Swift Minimal Full APK Download for Samsung – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched].

Overview and function of Swift Minimal for Samsung – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched]

Before downloading Swift Minimal of Samsung – Substratum Theme v27. 5 [Patched] You can read the APK, a brief overview and a list of features below.

Abstract: Swift Minimal is a sub-theme with over 190 minimal overlays with dark or black options. Samsung S9, S8, Note 8 & S7.

Get a dark or black full view with all supported apps turned dark or black with the only source theme that you can switch between backgrounds. The result is a clean minimal shape. It is also noticeable in other themes because it provides a nice set of AOSP looks when available, providing users with specific settings and SystemUI overlays.
• List of supported apps: https://goo.gl/tegFjG
• Frequently Asked Questions: https://goo.gl/KoB1xi
• Support channel (telegram): https: //goo.gl/tpPji0
1: Make sure your system supports using sub-themes. See the support list above.
2: Download layered theme engine apps and themes. When you open the desktop app, the theme is inside.
Additional paid add-ons are required if the device is not rooted. The first time you open a foreign app, you'll receive an alert.
3: Open the theme in the Desktop app and select Android version from the menu at the top. Select the app you want to theme and click Install.
4: Wait until all overlays are installed and reboot.
If you are using Samsung Oreo, you must enable all overlays in the "Manager" of the desktop application after reboot.
More detailed instructions can be found here. https://goo.gl/z9fLm1
UPDATE: Update theme in Play Store. After the update, install a new overlay: Remove all overlays from the overlay & # 39; admin & # 39 ;. This overlay can be found in the left navigation draw of the lower layer. Once this is done, install a new overlay and reboot. You must remove all overlays before upgrading the firmware (OTA).
Troubleshooting: If the app is not working, you'll need to reinstall the overlay for that app and reboot. This is necessary because the overlay must be applied at the top of the app. For example, if you update an app in the Play Store, the overlay will no longer be visible. You will need to re-install the overlay and check again when rebooting. This is how the overlay works. If you do not have the app after rebooting, reinstall the app's overlay and verify that the theme is correct without rebooting.
Over time, the best way to get a theme working is to not match the theme overlay-based version each time you update your app to the new version in the Play Store. Over time, the best way to keep all your overlays is to turn off auto-updates in the Play Store and update your app when you update themes. It updates every four to five days so you do not have to wait long to update everything.
Need help? If you need assistance, please contact us by telegram or email. I will personally help you with the system you are using. Do not report a bug in the review system because it can help you through chat or email.
If the theme does not work: Offer a refund to anyone who has downloaded the theme but can not use it. Please email your order number.
Notable changes:
Updated theme for Instagram, Google App and many other enhancements
• Full change log: https: / /kutt.it/swiftsubschangelog
• Documentation: https://kutt.it/swift
Please read the full documentation and Play Store description before using
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Samsung – Quickstart for Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] APK – Technical Details [19659009] Before you start Samsung Full-Swift Minimal – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] You can read APK details under APK download.

Rapid Minimal for Samsung – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] APK Free Download [19659009] Can I download so excitedly? Well, clicking the button below will start the Swift Minimal download for Samsung. – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched] APK. This is a direct link to Swift Minimal for Samsung – Substratum Theme v27.5 [Patched].



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