Surviving The Aftermath brings apocalyptic city building to Xbox and PC

Paradox has lifted the lid of its next apocalyptic city builder, called Surviving The Aftermath.

The game is now being released to Xbox One and Epic Games Store for PC in early access.

In Surviving The Aftermath, players build a city in a world destroyed by multiple apocalyptic catastrophes. Players must manage the needs of their settlers, similar to Surviving Mars, including water, hunger, etc. In addition, players are visited for all kinds of threats, including environmental catastrophes, itinerant gangs of assailants and much more.

We were a bit in the game this morning, and found lots of promises. At the time of writing, the game is in a very difficult state, with a crushed resolution on Xbox One and a strange error that causes the user interface to crash (what I have reported, as the good tester I am). 19659002] Despite some of those problems, the game cycle already feels extremely addictive. Surviving Mars fans will feel at home.

Surviving the Aftermath Features:

  • No Place Like Home: Build and manage a colony of survivors after an end of the world
    event. Build more than 50 unique buildings to handle everything from resources
    harvesting and agriculture for exploration and security. Don't forget to build the Door to
    Venture into the wild world beyond your colony.
  • Surviving Earth: Explore a vast world generated by procedures with six different
    Biomes full of exploitable resources, bandits and more. Each environment has
    different conditions that will affect the survival of your colony. Stay alert: natural disasters
    It will test your survivors.
  • Survival is my specialty: It recruits more than 46 unique specialists, each with their own abilities.
    and motivations, to manage the resources and production of its colony. Send them beyond
    the Gate in scientific missions, scavenger races and to fight bandits.
  • Expect the unexpected: Later life requires that you make moral decisions. Your
    You may not be able to control everything in your neighborhood, but how you respond to situations
    and emerging events will shape the character of your new civilization.
  • Mods: Surviving the Aftermath players can realize their own visions using Paradox Mods.

We will keep you informed about the development of Surviving The Aftermath in the coming months.

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