Sundar Pichai met with President Trump about Google’s ‘commitment to working with the US government’

On Wednesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai met with President Trump to discuss contracts and other alliances with the US government. UU

Trump tweeted after the meeting. "He said firmly that he is totally committed to the US military, not to the Chinese military. [We] he also discussed political equity and various things that Google can do for our country, the meeting ended well!" [19659003] Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google, which uses the "president" as a lower rank in its corporate structure.The company has four regional presidents, all of whom report to Pichai.In addition, Sergey Brin serves as president of Alphabet , the parent company of Google.

We do not have a record of how many times Pichai and other technology leaders have visited the White House, mainly because President Trump has not published visits to the White House, such as previous presidents.

] Reached by The Verge Google confirmed the meeting and its theme. "We were pleased to have productive conversations with the President on investment in the future of the US workforce, the growth of emerging technologies and our continued commitment to work with the US government. UU. "Said a Google representative in a statement.

government contracts have caused major disturbances within the company, especially the association of the Maven Project with the Department of Defense Google finally withdrew from the project after a request of an employee who expressed his disapproval Google has also faced the explosion of its work in a search engine that meets the requirements of Chinese censorship.That project, codenamed Dragonfly, has also faced significant opposition from the employees, and has been criticized by some US military leaders for being hypocritical.

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