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*** Episode 2: "Humanity" is now available ***
*** Episode 3: "Desire" is now available * **
The new family, composed by Suburra: Aureliano, Lele and Spadino, the end of the seventh episode, was able to maintain the most desirable territory in Ostia, despite fighting for the most powerful clan and Vatican in Rome to gain control. And new opportunities for crime and the reason for the rich: A mysterious briefcase was stolen from a prominent Archbishop, which is the beginning of Suburra the Game.
This will lead to a descent from the darkest corner: fighting with other criminals, escaping almost impossible in a dangerous situation, as long as you can keep your own money, , You need to get as much information and clues as possible.The three main characters will soon find out that the briefcase has been stolen from rival boss Sophpath.A briefcase is now in the hands of the glass slab,
Aureliano, Lele and Spadino have their own bosses of Yury The Slav and Soppanos, text indicating the location of the exchange, boys preparing ambushes and after the intense firefighting for Soppanos, . The guilty material and the director's reasonable information are here. Blackmail is the most effective way to get something in Suburra. What will the main characters do?
Suburra is a point and click adventure. At the beginning of each level you can choose the personality you want to pretend: Aureliano, Lele and Spadino. You then interact with other characters and collect objects and information to participate in the mission. But you need to complete more games. At the end of each level, the player must make a choice to determine their own survival. You should choose whether to share your ambitions and information and stuff with your colleagues between your teams.
The side will lead to defeat. It is therefore the player's task to find the right balance between these two attitudes. Only then will it be possible to end the game and win.
Playing in AR mode makes the game experience much more immersive. In this game mode, players can view, collect and exchange game clues and items. You can also hide everything you do not want to share with your teammates. Items are always available to the player, and players can retrieve them from the base at any time. Nerdo Studio selected graphic designs for games featuring sophisticated and authoritative styles.
New point:
Episode 6: "Lie" available
Episode 7: "Success"