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Meet learning music, the most powerful music app for learning, relaxation, concentration, concentration and better learning. Study Music v12 [Ad Free] Download the latest version of APK for Android for free. Study Music v12 [Ad Free] Download APK

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Abstract: Meet Study Music, the most powerful music app for learning, relaxation, concentration, concentration and better learning.
<img class = "aligncenter" src = " .com_.png [alt="Study-Music-v12-Ad-Free-APK-Free-Download-1-OceanofAPKcom_png[19659006] Adding alpha waves to music, adding natural sounds to music, Study Music, with its advanced features, is a learning application that you've been dreaming of. Combined with a stunning interface and eye-catching design, these features are the best way for Study Music to relax, focus and just study.
• Various songs for various tasks such as concentration, learning and creation
• Alpha waves, rain sound and natural sound music
• Background playback. While playing music, other applications
• Simple interface and cool design using high quality graphics
* Study better with music
* Offline songs to reduce mobile data usage
* Enhance concentration
* Completion of work
* Clear your mind
* Add natural and alpaca to music
* Online streaming of various music options
This song
Focus is helping you to concentrate, learning is helping you study, reading time, remember to help remember, solution is for problem solving, Learn is about new information Imagine that Create is to increase creativity, Think is a peaceful thought time, and Imagination stimulates imagination Oh.
How to use
It is simple. If you want, select the music for your task and add a natural sound or alpha wave. For example, if you can not concentrate on your work, select focus music and do your work. It's a good idea to use the app to study, read, read, or create. Or you can use it while you sleep, if you want.
Do you need to connect to the Internet?
No. If you want, you can use Study Music without an Internet connection. However, some songs require listening because they require an internet connection.
Learning music – How is the memory booster different from other music apps?
Study Music is the first music app to focus on cognitive tasks like memorization. imagination. And we are constantly updating with your suggestions for a better experience.
What is binaural beats? How does this affect me?
binaural notes or binaural notes are auditory processing artifacts or apparent sounds due to certain bodily stimuli. This effect was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839 and gained public recognition in the late twentieth century, based on claims from the alternative medical community that binaural beats lead to relaxation, meditation, creativity, concentration and other desirable mental states. Study Music v12 [Ad Free] APK – Technical Details

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Study Music v12 [Ad Free] APK Free Download

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