Strike of Nations Empire of Steel Cheats Codes

Want to make a lot of money in Strike of Nations Empire of Steel game and are you looking for a place to download Hack Strike of Nations? Here you can learn how to use root or jailbreak privileges without breaking the rules of the game. The game is free, so there are limitations.

To solve this, you have to spend money on the game store and buy premium currencies. And if you are a new user you must see Strike of Nations Empire of Steel game guide, tips and tricks, to be best player in the game.

First download Strike of Nations game

However, if the game is really the same, you can do this without downloading the mod Strike of Nations APK file and similar tricks. The game has recently been found to be free to download on Android and iOS. And many have already achieved important results in this game.

Strike of Nations Empire of Steel gameplay trailer

How can I get bonus?

Use bonus codes that work in the testing phase and can be used by all players before upgrading. You can use the given code to quickly level up without breaking game rules. They do not give you unlimited resources, but often give you a powerful stimulus to develop and reach a new level.

Build powerful chariots, form allies and command your army together in this modern world war strategy game full of action. Start a massive military campaign to attack your enemies and eventually take over your nuclear base.

  • Military command
  • Build armor
  • Military operation plan
  • Nuclear pvp enemy

National attack mode

  • Join the rogue allies
  • conquer nuclear base

Open world map

Huge world map where players can fight each other and chat and affiliate. Side by side, collect resources and fight roaming bands of dangerous mercenaries! Many resources are available to get everything you need for the game. Participate in tasks and daily quests, as well as proposed tasks and social networking game connections.

You can search for nuclear attacks for a long time, but you will lock up and lose your achievements. Everyone can benefit from the advice given and receive additional resources for passing games.

Strike of Nations Empire of Steel android code:)

150 000 Cash – 4K # s8lexYIR

15 000 Coins – 5t # GSbsSxx4

In fact, you don’t need a lot of resources to speed up the game and win the best players. But if you really like the game with the help of money, jewelry or coins, you can buy a lot in the game store. Save time and energy for your achievements. Game control is very simple and clear at the first level.

Modern and colorful graphics and sounds immerse you in the atmosphere of the game. With Strike of Nations Money you can discover the possibilities of the game and level up. Show your friends what you can do and share their secrets.

Extensive Tank Collection

Build your army with all kinds of modern tanks and vehicles. Train your MBTs, tank destroyers, mobile artillery tanks, ballistic missile carriers, and armored vehicles with their strengths and weaknesses.

Nuclear options

Take control of the battlefield, take control of the central nuclear base and become an army emperor. Give your allies a favorable title and brand your enemies as rogues. Command a nuclear attack and destroy the entire area with a show of strength and power!

Powerful generals and legendary gear

Hire powerful generals, each with their own skills and unique bonuses. Produce all kinds of equipment and equipment. Do not forget to change the tank load according to the strategy.

Research technology

Research all kinds of economic and military skills to meet your strategic needs, balance your economy, update your army to increase your skills and dominate the battlefield.

Large military campaign

Gather your allies and launch massive military campaigns to bite the most powerful rivals.

Events and updates

Join every assistant to boost your strength and get fantastic rewards. With constant updates and new features, participate in events around the world where all players must collaborate to succeed in server-to-server battles or demonstrate server dominance. The fun never stops!

To unlock the following Google Play Achievements, complete the following tasks:

  1. Colonel: Achieves 5M Power
  2. Corporal: achieves 500K power
  3. Imperial: 1M Steel Accumulation of Steel
  4. Food is the fuel of the warrior: 100M food accumulation
  5. Achieve Typical: 10M Power
  6. Unity: has power
  7. Military army size of war reaches: 250K units
  8. Individual achieves: 100K power
  9. Achieve superior: 1M power
  10. Pucher Liver: 20M Unit Kills.

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