Strange new Microsoft musical video pokes fun at Windows Phone, Vista, Surface, and more

  Microsoft's new and strange music video makes fun of Windows Phone, Vista, Surface and more

Microsoft has a deep history in the computer world, but not everyone has time to read it on Wikipedia, textbooks or online Apparently, some interns and employees of the company seem to understand that and recently created a fun musical with the theme of Microsoft, entitled "Microsoft the Musical". As Neowin points out, the strange musical characteristics dance to Microsoft interns and employees who make fun of some of the companies. most famous moments, from the success of Surface, the failure of Windows Phone and more.

The approximately 10-minute music video begins with an "introduction" of Bill Gates and then goes on to mention the history of Windows. Other segments in the musical then mention Microsoft Office, Clippy, Xbox, Minecraft, HoloLens and more. Perhaps the most interesting parts occur around 2 minutes and the 55-second mark when interns joke about the failure of Windows Phone. As the first choir of the segment says:

"Everything is happening here … The standard for your office and your home. Everything happens here. Around the world, our products are known! Except when we try to make a phone ! ”

For Surface fans, the best part of the musical comes in the first verse, around the 2 minute and 18 second mark in the full video. At this point, the interns sing to mention that Microsoft is a laptop was missing, but it ended up revolutionizing an industry. It continues:

"One thing we needed was a laptop that was nice. So we redesigned an industry, and then we did it twice! We titled it" Surface ", descriptive and concise. Why buy two devices when a Surface would be enough? "

It does not seem that this musical is officially approved by Microsoft, since the video does not appear linked in any of the channels of r social offices of the company. Still, according to the description in the YouTube video, it was the day, weekend and night work of 150 interns and summer employees of all kinds at Microsoft.

The video also seems to be especially focused on "dreamers," and Microsoft encouraging these interns to get to work. "We hope this speaks to every person who dreams of being part of something big, and especially to those who have been wrongly told that they cannot be." At some point, we were all in your shoes. YOU CAN, YOU SHOULD, and you WILL, "explains Liam McGregor, the director of the video.

Update : Thank you, Bryan Reich for the comment! We have updated our publication to clarify that this musical is also a work of Microsoft employees and not just interns.

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