Stones, meet glass house: Mind behind Windows 8 GUI disses Windows 10 over leak

Summary Of course, there were many more things in Microsoft last week, in addition to accidentally inflicting an unproven version of Windows 10 in its loyal Army of Insiders. But first …

The person responsible for the Windows 8 GUI pours contempt on the escape of Windows 10

Former Windows supreme Steven Sinofsky threw some stones from his glass house to Microsoft's bewilderment by the accidental emergence of an internal construction of Windows 10.

Those who were lucky enough to install it before Microsoft let themselves be panicked, noted that the Windows team had rejected some interface ideas in the form of A redesigned start menu.

was a statement of "error" from Microsoft, Sinofsky wondered if the Windows giant was referring to the design or launch.

Remember again who was in charge of Windows 8, Steven?

Windows Insiders backs up some compilations with a new Fast Ring broadcast

Accidentally removing build 18947 from its insider hole, Microsoft completed the week with build 18945, aimed at Fast Ring members .

While the odd-looking startup menu seen in the unplanned version does not present this time, the most interesting changes are This includes a much requested solution in the company's new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL ) 2.

WSL 2, which had a surprise appearance at the company's Build event, increased the initial bet of the previous version using a tuned Linux. Kernel instead of a translation layer. The performance increases for some applications were impressive, but there were some disadvantages.

The biggest whim was the need to use an IP address to access local Linux applications. With the latest preview code cutout, Linux network applications can now be accessed from Windows through good old localhost .

Additional modifications include the ability to establish a global configuration for WSL and an ingenious method to select a custom Linux kernel if the version 4.19 included with Windows simply does not cut it.

Outside the niche of WSL 2 developers, Microsoft has also begun to implement a "new Cortana experience" in beta form for some Windows experts in the US. UU. .

As a trick, it's quite fun, although it lacks some of the dozen features or what Cortana users might be used to. If you have not made your Windows Insider PC think you are in the United States, Cortana will appear "at a later date."

  Windows terminal

The year of Linux on the desktop, finally! The Windows subsystem for Linux 2 brings the Linux kernel to Windows


File Explorer changes that began a faltering release in compilation 18894, providing a "experience" driven by Windows Search, They have also made their way to everyone Fast Ring Insiders.

Microsoft has also fixed some problems, including one that prevented Insiders from stopping installing previous compilations. Thanks to a storage driver compatibility error. And yes, Windows Defender is now Microsoft Defender "to reflect our cross-platform approach."

Office Online no more

The rebrandogun also became Office last week as the company decided to eliminate the "Online" from its take on Google Docs. In a movement that will in no way confuse users, "Office Online" is now "Office", "Word Online" is "Word", "Excel Online" becomes "Excel", etc.

The justification is that in The wonderful multiplatform world of productivity applications, "it no longer makes sense to use any platform specific sub-brand." , Windows and iOS would agree.

As such, the company admits that it could be called "Office for the web," or maybe "… on the web," or maybe "… in a browser." [19659004] And just to keep things more consistent, there are no plans to point the rebrandgun to projects like Project Online.

As for the change, we would suggest something like "Online hole", or "Are we too cheap?" To have the right Office applications? "

It may not be so agile.

Skype SMS connects when you exit while your phone is flashing

With Skype SMS Connect, the ability to se nd and receive text messages from the desktop: confirmed as off the August 30, Microsoft has continued to play with its spiritual successor: its telephone.

The development in the connector has progressed considerably during the last months (if a recent Android phone owner, that is. Having integrated telephone notifications with The Windows 10 notification center, the team has added the ability to make online responses to those pop-ups in the preview version of the application.

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