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Stone Miner is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you traverse mining tracks, smash stones and sell for cash. You can mine all kinds of new maps, upgrade all aspects of your trucks and headquarters, and more. You can even buy a pet once you’re comfortable enough with the game.

Read on for some tips, tricks and tricks for Stone Miner!

All upgrades require coins, but some upgrades are more valuable than others. Start buying power upgrades to cut stronger stones faster. You can also make your truck move faster or increase its capacity.

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The best upgrades that can be made to match the capacity of the truck and the minecart are because it allows you to complete each level much faster and earn more coins. Of course, every power upgrade is well worth it, especially as you go higher levels.

The most useless upgrade in the whole game is to upgrade the speed of your truck. The reason this is a pointless upgrade is that it takes 1 second to fall over and fall into the truck when chopping stones. If the truck is moving too fast and sprinting forward, everything will take much longer as it will have to cut the stones and then go back and collect them.

If you’re playing with a data connection, technically you don’t have to pay for an upgrade. Just tap the video button that appears on every upgrade you can’t afford. Watch the ad video and get a free upgrade when you’re done.

There are several parts of the game that are unlocked at higher levels. Level 6 is when the pet shop is unlocked. The shop is unlocked at level 3. These are both cosmetic unlocks. In other words, it allows for a higher level of customization without tangible impact on gameplay.

Power-ups often drop out of nowhere and here when they clear their way from stones. Be sure to collect and use. The game always asks if you want to use it and has the option to turn it off, but why use it?

The game’s premium currency is Jim’s. These are available for premium purchases, often giving you the opportunity to collect them from the level itself without having to buy it. You will be prompted every time you watch an ad video to double your winnings. Connect each time as long as you have a data connection.

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