Sticking a leather cover on my laptop seemed like a good idea

Until I was a victim of the Flexgate calamity, my MacBook Pro had spent the last few months comfortably accommodated in a sticky Toast leather case. I've always been a fan of leather-backed phones, so when the opportunity arose to have the same thing on my laptop, it seemed like a good idea. Or, at least, a fun one. I'm not sure about doing it again, but I can relate the lessons I learned on the way to anyone else who might be curious.

Toast is a small Portland company that does business the way a company could imagine. from that city: everything is "proudly designed and made by hand" in the USA. UU., There is an emphasis on caring for the environment and you can customize a custom design. In an effort to show the latter, the company placed a nice logo of Verge on the pair of review adhesive covers that I tested, which cost $ 169 ($ 99 for the top cover and $ 60 for the part bottom) without the custom design, or $ 199 with it. Toast also makes wooden decks that start at $ 59.

sticking a leather cover on my laptop seemed like a good idea

I made two basic mistakes when choosing the leather cover for my MacBook. The first of them, no, I did not choose the wrong laptop model, it was that, in my search to try something new and different, I opted for the "Moscow mule" color option. Only later would he discover that the Moscow mule is the name of an alcoholic drink that is usually served in a shiny copper cup. I mean brilliant . On the website, it looked like a fairly demure cinnamon leather finish with a lot of fresh texture. But actually, this is what Toast calls a metallic leather, and the cover I received has a metallic sheen that does not really look like leather.

In the course of prolonged use, I discovered that it is not so. You do not age or feel like leather, either. Due to the strange finish treatment he received, the leather does not build a patina as he normally would, and that's a shame. So my immediate advice is do not try to be smart with unnatural skin colors: choose whatever is more organic and closer to the original state of the skin.

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My other miscalculation is related to the thickness of Toast leather covers. Although they are applied by sticking them to the laptop, they are not as thin as conventional adhesives. On the edge of the MacBook Pro, the leather top cover is almost as thick as the side of the screen lid. The effect of putting two thick layers of leather on your laptop, it turns out that it really reinforces your laptop. The MBP, like all laptops these days, is a ridiculously thin machine, so for many people the covered version will feel more substantial. And, as it is softer and more pleasant to the touch than the cold metal of the laptop, the leather cover is also more attractive. But, for my purposes, the increase in thickness was not welcome, and made the laptop more difficult to place when trying to pack my suitcase to the fullest.

What impressed me most about the leather covers of Toast is its ease of installation. I'm obsessive enough to appreciate the perfect combination of the top and bottom of the MacBook Pro, which makes the sides of the closed laptop feel like they were one, and I feared I could never apply a sticker on the part top of them accurate enough. But Toast provides a good quick guide to applying the covers correctly, and once I could align one side, the remaining process was simply peeling off the protective sheet of paper and placing the cover in place.

1553365148 220 sticking a leather cover on my laptop seemed like a good idea

After weeks and weeks of use, neither the top nor the bottom leather cover slipped from the original position in which I put it. The lower deck began to wear out at the four points of the rubber feet of the MBP, but otherwise, the Moscow mule finish remained completely unchanged. I am sure that I have saved more than a few scratches and bumps on the laptop with the help of these covers. And, so that you do not worry about the overheating of the computer, since it can not expel heat and has no coverage, I have had zero problems of this type. The fan rotates exactly the same frequency with the covers on and without them.

In addition to the initial pecuniary cost, there is another price that you should keep in mind with something like adhesive covers. They are an absolute nightmare to eliminate. When I delivered my MBP to Apple to solve the Flexgate problem, the whole screen was replaced, so the top of my returned laptop was beautiful and beautiful, but the bottom still had a ton of glue left over from the removed label . Therefore, if you decide to leather your aluminum laptop, you will probably want to keep that cover permanently.

A good way to judge my experience with the leather cover is to ask if I miss it now that it is gone. . The answer is no. I prefer the slimmer and more elegant profile of the discovered laptop, and I prefer its hard metal exterior. It is a machine that feels like a machine. And yet, I can see many people who adore the softest, friendliest and most adherent texture of the leather case, along with the extra protection it provides. Maybe just avoid that Moscow mule madness.

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