Steve Ballmer is still very hyped

Steve Ballmer likes both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Shout.

At today's press conference, former Microsoft CEO and current president of LA's second-most-respected NBA team was able to congratulate the two. Ballmer officially welcomed Clippers to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who were the NBA's most popular players earlier this year and who led the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA champions earlier this year.

As you can see in the clip below, today was important to Ballmer. He could barely pump his arm in the air before he finished his speech.

"I have these notes, but I was fired just to stay here today." Ballmer shouted at the podium, pointing to Kawhi excitedly. "It's pretty cool, pretty cool!"

Ballmer's energy and ridiculous abilities in the technology industry are well known. He made Microsoft's press conference interesting and frightening the boundaries. Running around the stage, cheering for exciting new software development, and sweating through the shirt and running the company. His passion is contagious! it's fun! Even Bill Gates made it a little more neat on the stage!


The passion has not always been carried over to the NBA, but at the press conference today, viewers liked it. Especially Kawhi is famous for being mostly ascetic. He even smiled at Ballmer's extreme vocal passion. In some ways, Ballmer's footsteps and shouting should feel natural to Kage, who spent last season dealing with Drake's own intense feelings.

Drake and Ballmer have similar energies. We should all be here.

Ballmer has an exaggerated sound, and there is a pretty good reason to turn violently. Kawhi is one of the most impressive basketball players in the league after the young LeBron James. The transfer to the Los Angeles Clippers earned $ 142 million over the previous year. He also organized a deal to bring Clippers to Oklahoma City's Paul George (another great player).

Kawhi Leonard is a great time to be. It's a good time to be Steve Ballmer. And if all of Drake's moments are captured in GIF form last season, Ballmer's excitement over Leonard will make him the most entertaining next season.

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