SteelSeries may have just launched the best Xbox wireless gaming headset

I'm about to do something we rarely do in The Verge : get excited about an audio product that I've never played, much less listen to. But that's because when it comes to wireless gaming headsets for an Xbox One, the bar is very low so I can not help thinking that the new SteelSeries Wireless Arctis 9X, announced today, will be a better option than the one that is right now.

What do I mean by a low bar? Well, very few manufacturers bother selling Xbox-compatible wireless headsets, and those who have tried to deploy the official Microsoft Xbox Wireless to communicate directly with an Xbox (instead of requiring a dongle) have bombarded me a lot. Each of them, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and 700, the Razer Thresher for Xbox and the LucidSound LS35x, have had some problems to stay connected to my Xbox One, sometimes it ruins my ears with noises and clicks. Only LucidSound had an audio quality that I would consider describing as "good", anyway.

But SteelSeries, which produces two of the best wireless gaming headsets on the market (ask me how I know it), says it "created the implementation of the Highest quality Xbox wireless connection seen in an Xbox headset to date "with the Arctis 9X, which could still be an abbreviation for" it's better, but still stinks ", I suppose.

The Arctis 9X also says it has 20 hours of battery life. The battery with a short duration was a stalemate for other Xbox wireless headphones. It allows you to balance game volume and chat natively. use it with another device (probably your phone) simultaneously, or use the dual function as a set of headphones while traveling.

I'm not passing judgment at the moment, but it has aroused my curiosity enough to prove it for myself. If you can not wait for our impressions, it is now available for $ 199.99.

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