Steel Armor Blaze of War game

Steel Armor Blaze of War, is a realistic tank simulator with tactical elements game. The game consists of two important parts Operation and Tactics. Operation and Tactics.

In Operation: Players can choose the battlefield, supply and reinforce units, and repair vehicles.

In Tactics: Players enter real battles to control their tanks and command connected units.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War gameplay trailer

About the missions of Steel Armor Blaze of War

There are no fixed missions in this game, and players create their own games, which greatly improves their playability. The goal is to command tank units of the Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi or Angola army to win the battle in one of four operations.

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Each task represents its own strategy.

  • Afghanistan – First of all, destroy enemy fire points and support your rifle.
  • Iran-Classic tanks clash with many enemies.
  • Angola – authentic mobile war involving all types of troops.

Depending on the operation, the player will have the Soviet medium tank T-62 or the American main tank M60A1. Players can drive tanks in the cab, fire at shooter’s stations, and command tank crews and all units at the commander’s station.

Each tank has an interactive cockpit, allowing players to perform basic operations using the mouse. Select the field of view, move between the crew stations, choose the loading location, tank equipment operation and the shell to load.

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Players are assigned various tasks:

Scout and attack enemy locations.

Defend your own position.

Occupy and defend your settlement.

Infantry support.

Ambush and break around.

Players can complete a mission by commanding a single tank (tank platoon) or other units in tactical map mode. Each battle awards experience points and (possibly) awards to the player’s crew and his units after the battle.

In stats mode, players can view their results and see detailed reports on their performance, hits and damage for their units and other units.

You can also download Steel Armor Blaze of War game, complete version.

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