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Change state in State of Survival game? Read State of Survival game information on how to change state or join

Survival Status Change Status Account

In the game of States of Survival, there are two requirements that must be met in order to join, change state, or switch state to another state. The first requirement is that the player must have a rookie relocation item. And the second requirement is that the player must not exceed 5 days in the state after the start of the game. You must be HQ level 6 or lower to use the Rookie Relocation Item. If you have an existing account or HQ above level 6, you cannot change your status. Learn everything in detail – State of Survival Change State Guide for Beginners.

Survival Status Change Status: How to Get Rookie Relocators?

How to Change Survival Status
Feb 25, 2021 Created a new account and received the Rookie Relocator item.

Only new accounts get rookie relocations.; Upon completion of the initial prologue quest, you will receive a mail in your mailbox containing a rookie relocation item. Note: You cannot get Rookie Relocation Items when you create a new character. It makes sense because you can manually select the state before creating a new character. However, when you start the game with a new account, the game picks up the state.

Survival Status – Status Change Phase ⇓

To change the state, you need to follow these simple steps: –

Step 1) Upgrade your HQ to level 2 and complete the prologue quest. This will give you a rookie relocation item as a reward. Only new accounts will receive ROOKIE RELOCATOR. You cannot get this item if you create a new character.. Can I switch to a new account? You cannot log out of this game and create a new account.

Step 2.) Collect rookie collectibles in the mail. All players receive this item as a reward at the beginning of the game. You need to tap on the Mail option in the lower right corner and search for Rookie Relocation entry in the System tab.

Step 3) Go to the wilderness by tapping the button in the lower left corner. First you need to fix the information building. Tap the map button in the lower right corner of the wilderness screen. Then you will go to the main map. On the main map screen, tap the globe button in the lower right corner. This will take you to the world map.

Step 4) On the world map, select the state you want to join, switch from your current state, or change your state. Selecting a state will take you to the state’s capital. Tap the map option in the lower right corner to switch to the map for that state.

Step 5. On the map of your chosen state, tap the area where you want to move, relocate or build a settlement or base. This will zoom to that location. Tap again -> Subscription Status -> Must be a new member (less than 5 days in-game). And there must be a rookie relocation item.

If you exceed 5 days in your current state, the State of Survival cannot change your state.

However, you can create a new character and choose any state. Here’s how. –

Survival Character Management Status ⇓

In each state, the survivor can create two characters. Top left top avatar tab -> go to settings -> character management -> here you can create a new character from your current state or manually select which state you can create after creating 2 characters. new character.

Alternatively, you can bind your account to Facebook, VK, Game Center, Apple or switch to a new one in Settings -> Accounts -> here. Just connecting with one social media channel is enough. Created characters cannot be deleted.

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