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In this State of Survival Chief’s guide, you’ll learn how to level up your Chief, hone your Chief EXP, and use your talent points for war or economic buffs.

In the State of Survival game, you play as a chieftain. Although you send your heroes and troops on the march, as a chief your talent, level, power, and gear power are very important. If you’re just starting out in the game, you should know how to craft hero gear, gear buffs, chieftain talents, and more. This post covers everything about the State of Survival Chief Info. Then, without further ado, let’s get to the point!

State of Survival: The Chief Guide⇓

Chief Level – As you level up your Chief, you earn Talent Points that you can allocate to building your Chief’s war and economic capabilities.

Chieftain Gear – There are many different pieces of gear that can be crafted and equipped for the Chieftain in the State of Survival game. Each piece of equipment provides a unique boost to your army/army during combat. For example – an increase in defense, attack, etc. State of Survival Chief Talents Gears

How do I level up Chief?

To level up a Chieftain, you need a Chieftain EXP Medal. Players can earn the highest XP medals by completing Growth Missions or Rally Intel Missions. To redeem this Senior EXP Medal, tap the Chief Avatar in the top left corner -> press the + button next to the experience bar -> Use the Chief EXP Medal to give the Chief EXP to the Chief. State of Survival Chief Talents Gears

What are Talent Points?

Talent Points are awarded when a player reaches the highest level. At each level, you are rewarded with talent points (2 points at the beginning of the game, 3 points after a certain level). Go to the top profile menu and press the talent button in the bottom menu. This will take you to the Talent screen where you can assign Talent Points to War and Economy.

Where should I spend my Talent Points?

Talent points are limited and talent resets cost 2000 Biocaps, so make sure to use your talent points wisely in the State of Survival game. Talent Points Reset Tokens can be exchanged for 40K Alliance Credits in the Alliance Shop.

Now, where should you invest your talent points?

It is recommended to invest and focus on economic development early in the game. Unlock special talents such as Instant Collect (which allows you to instantly collect 2 hours of production from any resource building) and Rapid Development (reduces new construction and research work time). 20% – applies to jobs started within 5 minutes).

Then you start to focus on your war talents on marching abilities like march speed, buffs.

Alternatively, you can balance the allocation of points. Spend some Talent Points on Economic or War Talents. As mentioned above, it is recommended to focus on economic talent and increase the speed of construction, production, research, etc. to quickly grow the base.

How to get gear for the best?

When your HQ reaches level 15, you can build a workshop building on your base and start crafting gear. To craft equipment, you need equipment crafting material items. These items can be obtained by defeating high-level zombies on the map, in events, and in Intel missions.

There are 5 types of gear sets.

  • rookie set
  • riot set
  • explosion set
  • wire set
  • tactics set

Players can equip 3-6 of the same set to activate a gear set boost for an extra bonus effect.

Gear Type: –

  • Helmet – Increases infantry ATK and DEF.
  • Armor – Increases the rider’s ATK and DEF.
  • Pad – Increases the Hunter’s ATK and DEF.
  • Boots – Increases infantry ATK and DEF.
  • Assault Rifle/M60/Clever – Increases the rider’s ATK and DEF.
  • Radio/Transceiver – Hunter ATK and DEF increase

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So that’s all in this post about the State of Survival Chief Guide for beginners. Any additional information on key aspects? comment below

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