State Of Survival Best Heroes Guide 2021 –

Check out this State Of Survival Best Heroes guide to learn how to use your heroes effectively in your game. Also a list of heroes and their roles.

State of Survival Best Heroes

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State Of Survival Best Heroes Guide 2021⇓

This article covers information about Heroes in State of Survival game, how to level up, level up skills, rank up, and best ways to utilize heroes in your game. Don’t waste your time and head to our Guide to the State of Survival Best Heroes!

State Of Survival Best Heroes: Gathering Aspect⇓

State of Survival Best Heroes

The 4 best heroes to gather resources on the map are Rusty, Mike, Ghost and Chef. These four characters have a bonus effect that increases their gathering speed. For example rusty You can speed up your metal gathering. Microphones can speed up food collection. Ghosts increase gas collection speed. And the cook will speed up the tree gathering.

State Of Survival Best Heroes : Rally Battles⇓

Rally battles are different from solo battles. Unlike solo battles, in rally battles, you will attack targets with your allies. Players must join an alliance to participate in rally battles. There are heroes in the game that give bonuses to rally battles. For example, Miho is one of the State of Survival heroes with military bonuses that increase march ability, rider stats, and “Rally Troop Health”. In our opinion, the best heroes in a rally battle are Maddy Frank / Jeb To strengthen the attack power of the assembly troops wolf To enhance the rally unit lethality (armor penetration) Miho / Lucky Strengthen the health of the assembly troops, Nicola / Joey / Jarrett Strengthen the defense of the assembly troops.

State Of Survival Best Heroes : Garrisoning⇓

Tap the barricades at your base to access your settlement defense options. Tap to defend your hero. There are heroes in the game that give bonus effects when deployed to defend a settlement. Most of these heroes enhance the defense of the settlers. these heroes Trish/Zach Increase the lethality (+ armor penetration) of the settlers Jarrett/Zoe/Ray and Rolex strengthen the defense of the settlers, Ernie / Ash / Maddy & Frank strengthen the attack of the settlers, wolf Strengthens the health of the settlers.

State Of Survival Best Heroes : PvP⇓

In PvP battles, you attack other players’ cities. The game has heroes who are good at attacking other cities. These heroes are marked with the “Siege” tag and give their troops a buff when attacking other cities. these heroes Zach / Tirish To reduce the attack of enemy settlers Ernie / Ash / Lucky To reduce the defense of the enemy’s settled forces Miho / Eva To reduce the health of enemy settlers Jeb Reduces the lethality (armor penetration) of enemy settlers.

Rank/Tier Hero ⇓

The three tier/tier heroes of the State of Survival game are: Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange). Legendary > Epic > Rare. Legendary tier/tier heroes are difficult to obtain and develop. Epic tier/grade heroes are easy to acquire and develop. compared to the legendary hero. Blue/rare ones are weak but easy to develop.

Hero’s Special ⇓

  • Hunter
  • infected
  • infantry
  • collect
  • rider
  • environment
  • patrol
  • rally

Survival Hero Status List ⇓

All heroes are useful. Some are good at collecting and some are perfect for PvE or PvP or rally combat. All you have to do is use them properly. For example, send a siege expert hero to attack a city. This section lists the heroes and their strengths. –

  • Tyler Kurtz – You can exchange Jarret for Tyler Kurtz. Tyler Kurtz excels at garrison (increases the stamina of the settlers), rally combat (+ attack rallies), and main hunters (buff hunter units). Many players use Tyler as a trap.
  • Julie Garcia – You can trade Zach for Julie Garcia. Julie Garcia excels at raiding enemy settlements (reduces attacking troops from enemy settlements), garrison (+settlement lethality), and main rider units (buffed rider units).
  • brook – You can trade Ernie for Brook. Brooke excels at raiding enemy settlements (reduces the defense of the enemy settlement’s troops), rallying combat (+ defending rallies), and main infantry units (buffed infantry units).
  • Sarge – Excellent for attacking infected enemies in wilderness maps/PvE.
  • Tony – Not good, hard to find and hard to develop. Specializes in Hunter and Infected Specialties
  • rusty – Good for metal gathering, increases infantry attack and defense.
  • Ghost – Increases Rider’s attack defense and gas collection speed.
  • Zach – Increase the rider’s attack defense, reduce the enemy’s settling attack and increase the settling’s lethality
  • Jarrett – Increases ATK / DEF of Hunters, Defense of Gathering Troops, Defense of Settlement Units.
  • Ernie – Increases infantry ATK/DEF. Decreases the defense of enemy settlement troops. Increases Settlement Troop Attack.
  • Miho – Increases the rider’s attack/defense. Reduces the health of enemy settlers. Increases the stamina of the assembly unit.
  • Sybil – Increases the hunter’s ATK / DEF. Improves the defense of the settlers. Increases rally unit defense.
  • ash – Decreases the defense of the enemy’s settlement army. Improves the attack power of the settlers. buff infantry
  • Trish – Buff Rider. Decreases the attack power of enemy settlement units. Improved lethality of settlers
  • Jeb – Buff Hunter. Reduces the lethality of enemy settlement units. Improves rally troop attacks.
  • wolf – Infantry reinforcement. Improves the health of the settlers. Increases the lethality of rally units.
  • Maddy and Frank – Buff Rider. Improves the attack power of the settlers. Increases rally troop attack power.
  • Lucky – Buff Hunter. Decreases the defense of enemy settlement troops. Improves the health of the rally unit.
  • Nikola – Infantry reinforcement. Troop infection attack, increased assembly troop defense
  • Ray and Rolex – Infantry reinforcement. Decreases the attack power of enemy settlement units. Improve the defense of the settlers
  • Basel – Buff Rider. Improves the health of infected troops.
  • candy – Buff Rider. Improved defense against infection
  • travis – One of the best epic heroes in the State of Survival game. buff rider. Increases the lethality and march speed of infested troops. Decrease stamina consumption
  • MIC – Hunter buff, food collection speed increase
  • Eva – Hunter buff, decrease the HP of the enemy settlers
  • Cook – Strengthen infantry, increase wood gathering speed
  • Woman – Buff Rider, Troop Infection Health Increase

How to increase the status of a survival hero?

To grant experience to a hero, you need a battle manual. When you gain a certain amount of experience points, you level up. This manual can be obtained by defeating Infestations and Events in the Wild in Explorer Experience Mode. Approach the explorers in the Hero Precinct building. In this mod, there is a mini map in the upper left corner. Tap to see the supply box. Visit this branch and ask for a box. You can get this battle manual from there.

If so, open your hero profile page and click the[+)buttonnexttoyourexperienceorherolevelandusethebattlemanual[+)버튼을누릅니다그리고전투매뉴얼을사용하십시오

How to rank up Survival Heroes?

Hero badges and shards are required to rank up heroes in the State of Survival. You can earn badges in Hero Search, Explorer Experience Mode, Missions or Events. Fragments are obtained from Hero Search (Hero Zone -> Search), Alliance Shop, and Daily Trade. Once you have this material, go to your hero profile page and hit the ⇑ button next to the hero tier option to confirm the action.

How to level up a hero’s skill level?

Survival Hero StatusYou need a skill book to raise a hero’s skill level. All of these heroes have different skills. Troop effects, damage reduction, attack, defense buffs, etc. Go to your hero profile page and tap the skill button at the bottom right -> select a skill and press the improve button. Climb the ranks of your heroes to unlock new skills. You can also get skillbooks from Hero Search, Missions, Events, Explorer Experience Mode, and other game sources.

All of this is in the Beginner’s Guide to State Of Survival Heroes – 2021. Also see: –

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