Start Your Penetration Testing Career

Things to know before starting your penetration testing career

  Things to know before starting your penetration testing career

Penetration testing is one of the leading occupations in today's cutting-edge industry. Basically it is known as ethical hacking. It is a career that goes into systems such as high-level professional hackers without breaking the law.

  • Expectations of this job

Responsibility as a pen tester is to identify the company & # 39; vulnerability of internal systems and external applications. Before a criminal can figure out how to break the system, keep important data from your company or client out of the wrong hands. You need to find weaknesses that hackers can use to prevent intrusion. 19659004] The characteristics you need in this job

Penetration testing is a demanding task that requires exceptional achievement due to its unique and different characteristics. In this field. The best pen testers should have a genuine interest in the system, a set of tactical mindset, quick thinking and persistence in making mistakes. Perhaps the most important quality is to be a great communicator. If you do not inform people in other areas of your technical work, you will not be able to hide stereotypes and get awkward tech geeks.

  • Penetration tester expectation

This is the most sensitive and influential vital data you hire from your company. Your hands. Therefore, users expect to know everything possible about the operating system, scripting, and the network.

Technology is constantly evolving to find new ideas and methods and escape barriers. Because of this you need to integrate with the new abuse to add to the current technology. And it would be easier to know the coding language. That's why you need to have a basic knowledge of the widely used code language.

As the penetration test progresses, the average salary will reach about $ 70,000, reaching $ 100,000 by mid-career, and even exceeding $ 115,000. Time will become an experienced tester. You will also have the opportunity to supervise many new professionals and gain knowledge in this area.

Starting a penetration test career

In order to enter this field, you need to be trained and certified and have the nature to handle this intense high school student. Pile Position. You have to work with a highly secure system and have thousands of personal data in your hands. Most penetration testers will jump into this area of ​​technology in other areas such as system programming or management. Most companies require at least a bachelor's degree in IT or cybersecurity-related fields. There are many training companies that specialize in personal training to build a penetration testing career.

Elementary credential:

There are some entry qualifications that show employers. Alpine Security As a fresh penetration tester, you are very serious about this area:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) This is an entry-level qualification for the EC Security Council. In this exam, you can take the multiple choice exam among the 4 hours and 125 questions based on the latest tricks that hackers use to violate the security system. If you pass this written examination, you can take a six-hour practical exam.
  • Certified Test Equipment (CPT) Information Assurance Certification Examination Committee, commonly referred to as the IACRB. This multiple-choice exam is two hours long and includes 50 questions and you must score 70% to pass the exam.

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