Star Trek Online for PS4

Star Trek Online is a MMORPG game with a full universe featuring stories from the popular television shows and movies. Explore the mission and new story in the Star Trek Online game. You can say that the existing MMO gameplay is not as versatile or not noticeable.

Star Trek Online PS4 Review

You might say that the main problem with Star Trek Online is speed. No matter what label you apply, this game still has a major problem. The basic concept of Star Trek is a huge adventure where almost everything is possible. Star Trek Online, on the other hand, is mostly about shooting things.

Star Trek Online PS4 Review

The ship captain may seem interesting, but he’s spinning in a circle while holding down the launch button. The game locks your opponent automatically so you don’t even have to worry about accuracy. Regarding tactics, all you care about is covering the drained shield from the person you attack.

Star Trek free to play official trailer

The fact that Star Trek Online is not so difficult can even turn the battle into a simple recession. If you play a role as a scientific officer or engineer, you can fool your sleeve a bit more, but still not enough to be attractive.

Space battles and Characters

Space battles are the bulk of the tasks to be done in this MMORPG, but sometimes lead a group of officers in multiple ground-based missions. Sadly this part of the game is less interesting. The mission is much simpler compared to the PC version of Star Trek Online. But the mission still consists of walking up to things and pressing a button.

Space battles and Characters

Sometimes those are digital consoles and sometimes those are the enemy AIs, but you are still pressing the button and looking at the progress / health bar. To make matters worse, autolock often turns into a familiar AI.  Character in the middle of a fight. It’s not impossible to solve this problem, but combat is very annoying because it often comes close to me.

The ground is surprisingly small and often filled with inconspicuous walls. Eventually, with all these minor issues, I stopped exploring and instead focused on completing the mission so I could keep going. After starting the game for about 10 hours, the Miranda class ship was named USS Kevin Sorbo and traded under the name USS Toronto using the Constitutional 2 class heavy cruiser (same as the USS Enterprise-A in the film).

I did. . I really want to be able to say that this is when the game is back, but the only change I noticed is that I am holding a stronger opponent. By now you have found that Star Trek Online is not a bad game, just boring. 50 points in 2016

How Star Trek Online game work’s

A franchise anniversary where thousands of creative people have produced thousands of movies, shows and books about trekking stars. The people at Cryptic Studios soak the material with construction excavators to make space chimneys, and Gene Roddenberry is proud of their virtual alpha quadrant. The unfortunate part is that it doesn’t go that deep in mission design.

How Star Trek Online game work tips

While it is certain to shoot on the ships of a small criminal organization that played a small role in the television show Star Trek Deep Space Nine, they are still spinning their spaceships, as for Klingons, Borg and Romulans. There are a few more things that are frustrating, such as the fact that there is nothing you can do on the 7x bridge. But the rest of the game is actually very impressive.

Control inputs are very accurate and all work is done through a simplified menu system that is easy to navigate. The Star Trek reference is so deep that even the biggest fans have to google one or two. Galactic navigators are massive and are much easier to navigate compared to the original look of the PC version.

The graphics in the game are MMO, so the resolution is low, but all ships, observatories and objects have very details. Character makers are almost games on their own because of all the choices they can choose from. Missions performed in this MMORPG are also called episodes, and each episode begins with the same visual treatment as a TV show.

MMORPG game Star Trek Online

The USS Enterprise franchise is boldly going where no one has gone yet. Unfortunately, this MMORPG decided to play more safely, and as a result, you can attach easy and boring words. After playing the game twice in the last few years, I was impressed by how Cryptic Studios improved, added and streamlined it.

Star Trek MMORPG game

Unfortunately, Star Trek Online needs a better mission design. The only reason I suggest is that you can play for free these days, so make sure you are interested in Star Trek Online before downloading. If it’s not free, it’s a good idea to spend your money to get limited edition stamps sold by the post office.

You can download Star Trek Online on your PS4


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