Star Conflict Game Download for PC

In Star Conflict game you find a way to protect your solar system from the threat of disaster at the stunning MMO game Star Conflict! Do you like reckless space exploration? Have you dreamed of an astronaut since childhood? The game Star Conflict gives you a lot of impressions!

True fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will surely enjoy the dynamic game Star Conflict. Events can only happen in the distant future and you can only imagine what skills and weapons will be used.

Star Conflict Gameplay

A powerful magnetic wave covers the solar system and even the greatest scientists can not find a way to contain it. So the only way is to put special jammers on the ship. What is the origin of this strange signal? This device indicates that sound came from mysterious sector 1337. Are you ready to start your trip there.

Some crew were there and no one saw the astronaut again. But nothing can surprise a real reckless man! Choose a faction of the game star dispute and immerse yourself in the mysterious space! Which one do you prefer? If you want to play for the government, join the empire.

But if you want something unexpected to happen, play for your sister in the aftermath. But when you are ready to jump into the whirlwind of adventure, the Federation is chosen. Each faction has its own bonus. The empire is stronger because of its armor.

Star Conflict Review

The Federation’s spacecraft is the fastest in the solar system, but Jericho’s shield is almost unbreakable. That’s why it’s important to keep all your faction bonuses to a minimum while choosing your spaceship. For rapid alliances, an interceptor is desirable, and a friendly frigate should be protected by Jericho’s strong shield. Endless wars turn the galaxy into a battlefield, and all residents into warriors.

But now all galaxies are excited: the ruins of ancient civilization are found in the abandoned 1337 area. What does a new threat or long-awaited salvation mean? Play amazing game star clashes and choose your own destiny, and find a way to save your civilization!

Download Star Conflict Game on your windows PC

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