Sprint will sell off Boost Mobile if merger with T-Mobile is approved

Sprint has promised to sell Boost Mobile, one of its prepaid wireless brands, if its merger with T-Mobile is approved. Both Sprint and T-Mobile operate several prepaid subsidiaries, and the Federal Communications Commission was concerned that putting them all under one roof could stifle competition.

The pledge was announced this morning along with other commitments on the 5G rollout to win. approval of the merger. FCC chairman Ajit Pai said he would recommend approving the Sprint-T-Mobile merger because of the new commitments.

Sprint revealed that it has 8.8 million prepaid customers in its most recent earnings report Most of them are likely in Boost Mobile, but the operator does not break them down exact figures. Some of those customers are also in the prepaid plans of Virgin Mobile, Assurance Wireless and Sprint.

It will not be a big loss for the combined company, especially since T-Mobile already has a more successful prepaid brand. T-Mobile reported having 21.1 million prepaid customers in its last quarter, most of which are likely to be in Metro (formerly Metro PCS). Its biggest competition is probably AT & T, which has 17.2 million prepaid customers.

Boost and Metro are two of the largest prepaid companies in the US. UU., So keeping them separate will offer an additional degree of competence. However, Boost relies on the Sprint network, and that means that the brand could become dependent on a competitor for success, unless it is able to make a deal to use the network of another wireless service provider.

"Find a serious, credible and financially capable buyer" for Boost. It also suggests that the buyer could close an agreement for Boost to continue working in the combined Sprint / T-Mobile network.

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