Spotify vs. Apple Music: the best music streaming service

I know that listening to music no longer requires a trip to the music store, and that you do not have to buy individual songs or albums from iTunes and download them to your computer. Today's premier music streaming service offers millions of songs, personalized playlists, and exclusive Internet radio shows and podcasts in the catalog. But do you have to pay and pay for the subscription?

Good streaming music services have a simple user interface that makes it easy to configure thousands of songs or playlist libraries on the web, Android and iOS applications, and sometimes on desktop Mac or Windows applications. However, most music streaming services have these features, but most are not free, and almost all services require a paid plan that gives them access to on-demand music and other feature libraries.

While testing these music streaming services, we considered factors such as audio quality options, social integration and built-in lyrics. It is absolutely necessary for a streaming app to match well with more than one personal device. This is an important point when considering which music services to choose and ultimately to have a better listening experience.

spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

Spotify is the premier streaming music service for a variety of reasons. There is something particularly noticeable. It has the most consistent iOS, Android, Mac and Windows environment. Of course, although not perfect, the features released in iOS versions follow Android. Competitive music services may have problems with certain platforms, such as the Android version of the Apple Music or Tidal Windows app that sometimes does not load.

In addition to the integrated app experience, Spotify offers a large music catalog (35 million songs), the best playlist recommendations, useful yet unobtrusive social features, and various plans (including student discounts). Suitable for most music listeners with smartphones and some headphones.

It is also one of the streaming services that support offline reception for mobile and desktop (with Amazon Music and Apple Music). I would like to use the device on an airplane without eating bandwidth or internet. Spotify is supported on most smart speakers and smart devices, so it can be used on almost any platform.

However, Spotify has no disadvantages. There are no hi-fi options, apps can malfunction when cell connections are bad, and uploading purchased songs to the Spotify library is a complex process. Spotify's mobile and desktop experience is fast and easy to understand.

Spotify pricing also sets an example for other music streaming apps. There is a free option for desktop, a $ 4.99 option for students (US only), a standard $ 9.99 premium option for downloading and streaming from any personal device, and finally a $ 14.99 family plan (for a total of 6 users).


Verge Score

1538783422 434 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

1538783422 810 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

Apple Music is doing a lot with an emphasis on originality. Beats 1 is home to many top-tier artists who demonstrate and tease up new music and collaboration with their own radio programs. If you're a fan of a certain popular artist, you'll notice that the first chance that you have a chance to listen to new music is on Apple Music, not Spotify or Tidal. Spotify uses up to 320kbps Ogg Vorbis Compared to Bitrate, Apple Music using 256kbps AAC bitrate generally has better sound quality than Spotify.

Apple Music Tops music video gives you a visual experience you can enjoy without having to go to other apps. However, for comparison, Tidal, YouTube Music, and Spotify are other streaming services that provide music videos to your app. Spotify only has short vertical videos for some of the popular songs.

Apple Music has a digital locker feature that subscribers can use. Make sure you can not find music purchased from more than 50 million songs libraries in Apple Music.

iOS, Android, and desktop apps are your favorite music streaming interface, and you can listen to it offline on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Apple Watch. Hot pink accents and rich white backgrounds are not the most comfortable at night. On Android, the Apple Music app did not find its place, and sometimes the Pixel 2 XL still had problems. To use Apple Music on your desktop, you need to use iTunes, which is slow, cumbersome, confusing, and outdated for a redesign. Apple Music was not proud of the most beautiful interface that Cupertino designers had ever heard.

Apple Music pricing is similar to Spotify and other services: $ 9.99 a month, or $ 14.99 for family planning (up to 6 users). Student discounts vary by country.


Other options

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Audio enthusiasts – There is a good alternative for those who are passionate about hi-fi playback and want to use streaming services.

] For those with audio hardware that can take advantage of lossless HiFi, Tidal or Deezer's $ 20 lossless plan could be a good option. Tidal has a $ 9.99 on-demand plan, but it does not get higher sound quality.

Most tracks
  • Most tracks
  • This is unstable and does not match.
  • Google Assistant, Alexa and so on.
  • $ 20 for lossless audio is a bit costly.
  • 6

    Verge Score

    1538783422 512 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

    Good music

    • You can upload your own songs!
    • Strong Android and web apps
    • ] Suitable for huge playlist composition

    Bad Stuff

    • Discontinued / merged in YouTube Music
    • Best for users with a high investment in Google ecosystem


    Verge Score

    1538783423 284 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

    Good stuff [19659029] This is useful for viewing music videos.
  • Already YouTube
  • Malicious apps

    • App interface is not attractive.
    • You can not upload your own tracks. (19659030) I feel like I'm using YouTube, not my music app.



          1538783423 224 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service



              Bad Stuff
    • No music library
    • No free options
    • Good stuff
      • Tightly integrated with Alexa ecosystem
      • Available on most platforms
      • Some of the Prime subscriptions

    19659030] No Podcast or Music Video
  • Charmless App Interface
  • 4.5

    Good Score Information

    • Good News
      • Paid version ($ 10) turns Pandora into on-demand service.
      • Hard Android and iOS apps

    Bad Stuff

    • Can not get on-demand music for $ 5 paid version
    • Available only in the US
    • Not a mature on-demand service.
    • A lot of f
    • Bad things
      • Malicious interface and organization
      • Good stuff
        • Brought to the artists of the new era
        • Rugged Android and iOS apps

    Bad Stuff
  • No music videos
  • 4.5

    Verge Score

    1538783423 470 spotify vs apple music the best music streaming service

    Good user interface

    • Clean user interface
    • Lossless audio quality option
    • Spotify
    • Deezer should be a big shout

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