Spotify starts cracking down on friends who share family plans

Spotify sends emails of family plans to some users asking for their GPS location to make sure they are in the same location Spiegel Online and Quartz . Subscribers who have not verified their home address may not be able to access the plan by email. This move is an obvious attempt to crack down on a group of friends who share Spotify's discounted plans for families, saving on individual subscription fees.

E-mail sent to a limited number of "Premium for Families" subscribers At least in the United States and Germany, people pointed out that not all families can live together. . But Spotify's small print says family planning is available for "up to five people in your address area".

The number of people who have joined the family plan is not all. (19659004) #wtf

Among them, Spotify's definition is compliant. Billboard estimates that nearly half of all streaming subscribers worldwide, including Spotify competitors, use family planning, because Spotify subscribers can reduce the cost of their Spotify subscribers by up to 75{1e17b7ec7cf0b7230c525c20baf6bfcba4dca28b5d59de759a771dd6c2d285e5} with one of the $ 14.99 Spotify families. Planning.

Practice seems to affect Spotify's revenue. Average revenue per user declined 12{1e17b7ec7cf0b7230c525c20baf6bfcba4dca28b5d59de759a771dd6c2d285e5} in the second quarter of 2018. In the past, companies rarely offered a way to check their family status, so it was easy to set up a sharing plan between friends who live in entirely different locations.

It is not clear how aggressively Spotify plans to proceed with the verification process. Spotify's spokesperson said: "Spotify is currently testing improvements to the user experience in Premium for families with small groups of users in some markets. We are constantly testing new products and experiences in Spotify, No more posts to share. "

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