Spotify is personalizing more playlists to individual users

Spotify is beginning to algorithmically customize some of its selected playlists, which is a major change in the way people discover music in the broadcast service.

Present songs based on what each listener enjoys. But it is also known for having excellent playlists cured by humans, such as RapCaviar, which have become creators of musical trends due to its immense popularity.

. Now, no customization is included: there was a canonical playlist and everyone received it. But now Spotify is going to make some of those playlists part curated, custom part. Human editors will continue to choose the songs that fit each playlist, but each song will no longer appear for each listener. Instead, Spotify will automatically adjust the playlist to better suit the tastes of a listener.

Spotify says he's been testing this, and it seems that listeners like it better. People who search for songs after discovering them through a playlist have an 80 percent increase in these custom lists, and track saving increases by 66 percent.

However, the change is not being made only for the listeners: it is also for the record labels.

Major labels have complained that they do not appear well enough in Spotify playlists, Business Insider reported last year. According to the report, almost a third of listening on Spotify is done through curated playlists, and music streaming in general now accounts for three-quarters of the music industry's revenue. So stamps have a lot to gain by putting their artists on Spotify playlists.

When customizing playlists, Spotify can put more artists and songs in each, as not all will appear for everyone. Spotify says that the number of artists in each playlist increases by 30 percent and the number of tracks increases by 35 percent. Although the labels do not love that the songs are hidden from some listeners, in theory, their songs will be placed in front of the people who really want to listen to them.

For now, Spotify does not say which playlists are winning the customization feature. , only that "some" of them will do it. However, artists can help discover which one is which, however, when their song is added to a personalized playlist, they will be given a personalized link to share with their fans who will place their song on top, making sure that can listen. that. Playlists that are not personalized will only have a single public link.

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