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Spiral Warrior is a new mobile RPG for iOS and Android platforms that features tops of characters like Beyblade. Unleash your best against computer-controlled and other player-controlled opponents, enhance them, and unlock new, rare and epic ones.

The game features developer-provided redemption codes, allowing you to boost new players and keep veteran players in the game when competition is fierce. Each player can only use each individual redemption code once, but can use it as many times as they want.

Read our list of redeem codes, how to use them, and how to find more codes in Spiral Warrior!

To redeem a redemption code, you must first create it through the tutorial until you can click on what you want. Then click the menu at the top right of the screen.

Then tap the Settings gear. In the next menu, select the button called “Exchange Code”. Now enter the code and confirm. As long as the code is up-to-date and working, you will receive your free rewards straight to your in-game mailbox.

There are several places to start looking for code, but the most likely place is Subreddit for games. Because this is a very popular place for players to discuss and discuss code. Look for threads of players that advertise that they have code, and see responses to threads where people post when they request code. If you have code that doesn’t appear to have been posted, please share it yourself.

Another good source is the game’s official Facebook page. This is because developers often publish their code first. Follow the page so the new code goes straight to your news feed. You can browse through messages and photos that have already been shared and find codes you may have missed.

Also check out other social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, VK, Chinese networks, etc. Developers often maintain official pages across multiple networks, sharing code on one network but not others in order to attract subscribers. For the best chance of finding more code, check them all, not just one.

Twitch and YouTube are great sources and you can often find code that you won’t find anywhere else. This is because streamers often receive unreleased code directly from developers and can share it with their channels. Take advantage of this and try all the code yourself.

Discord is a great place to get the latest code because it’s a live chat, so players will post the code as soon as they find it. You can quickly search by using the app’s search bar and entering the word “code”. Of course, please share any code that hasn’t been posted yet.

Here is a list of working codes for Spiral Warrior.



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The more code you find, the more you can share, so keep checking out this article!

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