Spike could be your next Google Inbox substitute

Google's email app, Inbox (with Google+), is in a nice trash bin in the sky, but there are a lot of apps that work hard to fill that gap (like Spark, June.ai, and Spike. The Chaim Gartenberg of Verge has a passion for Spark, which recently added an Android app, so I thought I'd look into Spike, known as Hop. I want to distinguish myself by marking emails as chats.

Spikes are available as web applications and macOS, Windows, iOS or Android apps. Email threads are displayed in bubbles similar to Slack or Facebook Messenger, and the conversation title Is displayed at the top of the page and only the caller's name and icon are visible. Hide all other information (except for messages, of course)

It can be a bit confusing at first. If you prefer email format, you can not use spikes in email format. The bundling feature of Google Inbox that you need is not very useful, but Spike's way of combining email makes it easier to read, track and process your email.

This app lets you organize your email in three different types of "conversations." You can use your existing Inbox / Sent Items format, or you can organize them by title or person.This last mode is especially useful for tracking long email threads.Through a single email tapping, While looking at the fundraising proposal for months, click on the garbage icon

  Spike email app replacement Gmail

  Spike email app Gmail replacement

In addition to three organizational categories, Spike automatically categorizes email as a "priority." "Or" Other ", you can pay attention to important information and easily check out less important emails later on. The classification is at the top of the main page, you can easily navigate by tapping the arrow. In fact, e-mail mistakenly classified as "Other" during trial week should not be included in "Priority." In order for e-mail lists to be displayed in reverse order, 19659008] The icons at the bottom of the app give you quick access to a variety of features, including simple calendar events, contact lists, and a group of calm collaborative workspaces that allow multiple people to chat. Members can contact and join.

There are a few other nice features, for example, a small icon in the corner of each message indicates when an email was successfully sent (using a checkmark) and a small icon Spike users can also make audio / video calls to each other, especially when using the group option. The top set of icons representing the most frequent correspondents Makes it very simple to access the latest email exchanges with people. If you have more than one email account, you can view emails for individual accounts or all accounts at once.

Unfortunately, Spike also has a few flaws The mobile app can be very slow, especially when emailing or archiving it. You can easily delete one or all e-mails from the sender using e-mail, but you do not know how to delete only some e-mails. The conversation was fun, but occasionally interfering.

Spike is a good alternative if you are a Google Inbox user (especially if you tend to use email for long discussions) and Gmail does it for you.

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