Space Mining(DIGSTAR) Game By MetapsPlus Inc

Space Mining (DIGSTAR) is a new game for Android and iOS by MetapsPlus Inc. Simple Space Mining (DIGSTAR) Game Overview

MetapsPlus Inc. Named Space Mining (DIGSTAR), the player digs resources from other planets and creates spaceships into the new space, moving them into the new galaxy and finding space creatures. It offers a simple UI (looks less irregular on the screen – looks good), amazing graphics, characters / miners, animations and many more. Because the game is naturally idle, you can be bored at an early stage until you find a hard task. For those who are idle, this game is a good choice. Let’s learn more about Space Mining (DIGSTAR) games.

  • Type – Online
  • Genre – Idle / Casual
  • Size – 50MB – Android

To play you must be connected to the internet to play. You must sign in first.

Gameplay – Space Mining (DIGSTAR)

Your goal is to find all the spaceships and creatures that appeared in the game. The game does not cover these two aspects of the tutorial. Press the menu button to find the lab menu and creatures. If you study with XP, you will discover a new space ship. And you can get EXP by sending creatures to quests.

You will discover a new planet as you make space ships. The screen has a resource slot and a planet with a space launcher. We will hire miners to hunt resources on the planet. If so, you will sell and upgrade. You can assemble your spaceship by completing the goals mentioned in the upper left corner. You need to move to a new planet. After discovering the planets, they will move to the new galaxy.

This game has built-in building features. You have your own planet. There you will build a building in three areas or areas; Residence, industry and laboratory.

In addition to the new spacecraft and creatures, the game has customizable features. You can buy a character’s costume (on your planet); Face, hair, equipment, cloth, accessories.


The best call in space mining (DIGSTAR) game is a cookie. You can use cookies to hire advanced miners, obtain research data, and complete your research immediately. You can purchase this item by consuming real money (IAP range – $ 5 – $ 40 -). You can also earn a game by completing daily quests and achievements through the game.

Final win

Space mining (DIGSTAR) is a fairly good idle game with unique idle themes and comfortable game play. I have a lot to do. Mining, research, quest, management, architecture and much more. – You can download it for free here (Google Play Store).

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