SoundCloud partners with Dubset to let DJs get the rights to remixes and samples

SoundCloud begins earning rights In partnership with Dubset, it provides a legitimate sound path to bring samples to SoundCloud artists and DJs and a remix uploaded to the platform. Dubset is a technology relay that allows artists to clarify rights to copyrighted material owned by a label. The artist uploads the song and adds all the original attributes to Dubset's MixBANK portal, then the MixSCAN technician scans the track for copyrighted material to properly collect and distribute royalties.

SoundCloud is not struggling with artists who compensate properly in the past and uploading material that infringes on users. This is a big step forward for pirate producers to earn revenue while pirate remixes, mashups, originals using unlicensed samples and vocals and DJ mixes (eventually) can thrive on the platform. In recent years, Dubset has partnered with numerous labels and streaming services, such as Sony Music, Indy labels Merlin, and Tidal, to bridge the gap between labels and streaming providers for the right type of rights clearing and royalties distribution.

"SoundCloud is where content creators live, it's the most important platform on earth for the creator and ultimate partner of Dubset," says Dubset CEO Stephen White said in a statement. "Mixes and remixes have been proven to be a powerful tool for music search growth as well as generating new revenue for artists and composers, and we have continued to grow the performance of the original tracks. "

SoundCloud and Dubset will work together to expand the program to include Full, but this partnership will begin an invitation-only beta test for individual remixes later this year. The DJ is set over time. "Sound Cloud is the best platform for this particular type of music than streaming services that only compete on YouTube So it makes sense that the two companies are partners: partnerships have to be successful for both listeners, labels and artists [19659006] Negotiations on the SoundCloud Premier, a new monetization service on this platform, released to the public earlier this month, also promise to help producers get their money directly, but only artists who have the rights to upload materials so far have exclusive With the help of Dubset, it can be changed.

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