Sony’s PlayStation Classic is as simple and fun as you’d expect

PlayStation Classic is a mimic. Sony seems to be very scared of that fact. Retro miniature consoles, priced at $ 99.99 next month, are almost identical to Nintendo's NES Classic and SNES Classic devices, with 20 more PS1 games a bit more up-to-date and 2D to 3D graphics Indicates.

If PS Classic is a fan of mini console trends and a fan for retro gaming fragrances, it will satisfy most requirements. Earlier this week, Sony invited reporters to its San Mateo office in California to look at the console and play the game for hours. The most obvious takeaway I can offer is everything your device expects you to do.

The console is well designed and lovely. It will be an immediate showstore for a collection of people who have not lost sight of the old-fashioned console aesthetics and who already have room to set up a shelf or living room game. Regarding how it works, it's like Nintendo's device from almost the same carousel interface for selecting games and managing saves.

Like Nintendo's mini-consoles, Sony is replicating the frustrating elements of 32-bit games, including the lack of wireless gamepads. Of course, both of the classic PlayStation controllers have a longer 1.5 meter code length. In addition, this controller uses standard USB rather than proprietary connectors.

However, Sony says the controller can not be connected to other USB devices such as a PC or PS4. And unfortunately, the controller itself does not have a button to return to the menu. PS Classic's reset button means that you have to physically leave a game and open another game.

NES Classic and SNES Classic have the same problem and are a big pain. One solution was to use a company's retro Bluetooth controller like 8bitdo, but I wonder why Sony tried to fix it without seeing the problem with Nintendo's device.

Another complaint you may have about this device is that the game is different from using Nintendo's consoles like at least 8-bit and 16-bit classic. I struggled to wrap my head in control of Cool Boarders 2 and found that it was surprisingly insensitive when the original Metal Gear Solid last played 15 years ago. "style =" object location: 50% 50% "data-upload-width =" 2040 "src =" thumbor / rGUrR1XCgr97s-QlZzG9cuHiNdg = / 0x0: 2040x1360 / 1200x0 / filters: focal (0x0: 2040x1360): no_upscale () /

Statt / The Vege

If you are a hardcore fan who remembered the game as you did yesterday, it would probably be okay. However, the Golden Age for game fans of a certain age is less accessible than the SNES generation's hits, but this era is worth noting. The Verge will use the appropriate review unit and spend more time on the device library with a more comprehensive assessment of the PS Classic lineup later this month.

PS Classic is a faithful, well crafted little device that makes it easy to see how popular the former PS1 owners are. Given the likelihood that Sony will take full advantage of these devices, knowing that Amazon does not need to be careful about flash sales increases the chances of buying at some point in the future. GameStop. (Now you can pre-order PS Classic.)

If your device starts shipping on December 3rd and you buy $ 99.99, you can buy two controllers and there are many titles that support local collaboration. Dedicated Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3 Machines – which have a lot of fun to watch – this is not a bad thing at all.

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