Sony is trying to avoid paying $10,000 to buy Crackle Plus domain name

Part of the launch of a video transmission service is to possess the domain name with which most viewers can expect to find the service reliably through the web. For example, it could be considered a smart move for Netflix to own, say,, or for HBO to own However, for Crackle, owned by Sony, it seems that getting ownership of the domain name behind its next Crackle Plus premium offer is proving a bit difficult, if only because the giant mega-corporation does not feel like paying $ 10,000 to secure it from the person who already owns it, according to a report by Variety . is owned by a Pakistani resident named Muhammad Abdullah, who registered it in October 2017. Without guessing his intentions – Variety came to Abdullah by email, who said he wanted to "begin my own entertainment website "- it seems clear that there is an intention to sell the domain for the right price. The website advertises the Crackle logo and is requesting $ 10,000, which is as small as possible.

However, Sony does not want to pay. According to Variety the company tried to negotiate the price through a service called DomainAgents, which specializes in the purchase and sale of domain names, including those owned by people outside the US. UU trademarks Apparently, this process has not materialized, since Abdullah does not want to give in to its sale price. Sony does not own the trademark CracklePlus, which gives Abdullah some influence here.

Now, there is an issue that complicates this whole process, and that is that Sony is no longer the majority owner of Crackle. Last week, Sony Pictures Television, the subsidiary that operated the free streaming site, sold its package to Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, the media arm of the consumer goods and self-help brand that began as a The series of books go back to the early 90's. Sony and CSS now have a joint venture under the name Crackle Plus that will include a premium version of the broadcast service, as well as Popcornflix and other media-related companies.

It is not clear how they came with the name of Crackle Plus or what the reasoning is, since it is said that the service remains free and continues to focus on the transmission of videos with advertising. But there may be some original content and properties owned by Sony Pictures Television, so it could be an effort to make it appear more solid in the line of Hulu Plus and the new Apple brand for its Apple News and Apple TV services. But the first step is to acquire that domain name. For Sony and CSS Entertainment, $ 10,000 feels like a fair price to secure your trademark and website.

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