Sony A8F TV review: high-end headaches

If you're buying a new TV, you might be cursed by someone who wants to spend less than $ 1,000 or who wants the best picture quality you can get. If you go to your first camp you will have to buy TCL's 6 Series TV, which is about $ 650 for the 55-inch model and less than $ 1 for the best TV.

At the other end of the spectrum, LG's OLED TV line has long been the way to get the best picture quality you can get. They usually sell between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 depending on the size you want.

But LG is not the only TV manufacturer with OLED TVs, so if you look around you can find a much higher priced OLED TV. So, what can not you get with LG's top OLED options on a thousand-dollar TV in 2018? I tested Sony's $ 3,800 65-inch A8F.

sony a8f tv review high end headaches

Good picture

  • Good picture
    • Good picture quality
    • Deep black and rich color with wide viewing angle

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