Sonos might add Roku voice control to its speakers

Sonos According to CNET there is a debate about potentially building Roku voice control on smart speakers. This report is still unclear because they say they are "preliminary talks", but it is enough to take into account that Roku's assistant is not yet out.

If the partnership develops, people use Sonic's built-in microphone to control what is played on the TV connected to Roku, as can be done with Roku's voice remote. When Roku's "Entertainment Assistant" started, the integration could be much more powerful, but I have not seen everything that's possible yet.

By integrating these two products, Sonos speakers can be easily set up and synchronized with Roku connected TVs. Details on how to work together are not yet clear, but CNET states that Sonos is integrated with Roku Connect, the Roku Entertainment Assistant, or both to allow devices to work together and control each other.

Roku released Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment Assistant in January, but has not seen much movement since. The first Roku Connect speakers can be paired with Roku-connected TVs and are not expected to be available next month. And they are from Roku.

It suggests that it may still take some time before this partnership unfolds. Needless to say, Sonos has promised Google Assistant support for Sonos One speakers for one year, the content remains intact. Roku has begun integrating the Google Assistant, so when two things arrive, Sonos owners will have very similar options to controlling the TV.

Sonos will not confirm negotiations. In a comment on CNET Locke says "The spokesperson said," We are open to discussing with hundreds of companies creating innovative voice experiences. "

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