Some questions about The RealReal’s IPO, from a woman who remembers

Perhaps you have heard that RealReal, an online consignment shop for luxury goods, has applied for an initial public offering with the ticking "REAL". So, what is it so far? Julie Wainwright is the founder and CEO.

Wainwright was CEO of and went bankrupt in less than a year after the IPO in 2000. .com's notorious failure is still used as an archetype for the collapse of Silicon Valley bubble in the 1990s.

Wainwright says is a good idea ahead of time. "It's a great idea," Wainwright said in an interview with CNBC. "I was a failure, I became a kind of Palia," Wainwright said. Claiming that she might be right. Eventually, Petsmart bought for $ 3.35 billion in 2017.

Anyway there is a contract with Real Real here. It is a large commissioned item, and is sold at several stores and online stores. Let's say you own it. If you decide you do not want to wear Chanel wallet anymore, you can throw it away at the RealReal store or mail it to the company. Then authenticate the bag and resell it.

RealReal's revenues grew 55% in 2018 to $ 174 million. However, Real Real lost $ 75.8 million in 2018 and $ 52.3 million in 2017.

Here is my question.

  1. How long will The RealReal last?
  2. Is this IPO a bad sign?
  3. Is Julie Wainwright's bonus arc?
  4. What does ebay mean?
  5. Will the original sock doll mascot be sold in RealReal?
  6. How will the IPO market become a less profitable company in Silicon Valley?
  7. Brick and mortar? Was this economic?
  8. Would someone buy me a sock doll?

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