Snapchat will debut a longform sci-fi thriller story told in a series of texts

Hooked, the app that makes "chat fiction" on mobile, is talking about the first longform at Snapchat. As reported by Variety the science fiction, mystery, Stanford, "Dark Matter" in Silicon Valley, examines the mysterious deaths of twin sisters and finds the ability to interact with dark matter did. This article has five installments and will be open daily from today to October 30. The stories are translated into Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Norwegian. Snap and Hooked share ad revenue from the Variety report.

Snap does not work well as a company. Today's share price was down 10% to a low of $ 6 a week, according to a less favorable earnings report. The report explains a decrease of 2 million active users per day due to poor Android app performance. In addition to the adverse effects of maintaining Android users and the disastrous redesign, Snap has faced many PR disasters that are considered to be a fade fad among teen smartphone owners.

In February, Kylie Jenner tweeted that she was no longer using Snapchat. Rihanna had a feud with Snapchat through an ad that ridiculed domestic violence, but it was & # 39; too sad & # 39 ;. One of the more important aspects of Snap's health is that users are throwing away Snapchat and Stories clones for Instagram, so the impact is showing up for months on the company's bottom line.

Even as Snapchat's user growth slows, the company is still returning to another experimental form of chat fiction and mobile storytelling due to new revenue sources. Earlier this month, Snap announced a self-created program called Snap Originals that can be found on the Discovery tab. Some are scripted series, others are reality shows.

Meanwhile, Hooked ranked second in the Top Free Apps of the iOS App Store last year. It works by showing a series of text that is part of the story. Once you get used to the story, you can jump into your app's paywall to make in-app purchases or wait for 40 minutes and read more. So far, Hooked's popularity has weakened and it's already out of the 200 apps. Stories made with Snapchat fill the first venture with longer story types, and have a mix of voice narration, illustrations, and known chat stories.

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