Snapchat tests new Bitmoji status feature within Snap Map

Snapchat is testing a new status function that allows you to register and show what you are currently doing in the Snap Map of the service. The function, which was first detected by the application researcher Jane Manchun Wong allows you to set up a custom posture for your Bitmoji avatar, which will then be visible on your friends' maps. However, your status is only visible to the friends with whom you share your location. Then, these states are compiled into what Snapchat calls your passport, a private record of the places you have visited.

The states appear to be an expansion of the existing Snapchat Map Scan feature, which automatically assigns your Bitmoji a status under certain circumstances such as when you take a flight or attend sporting or musical events. The difference with the state is that you have more control. You can make your Bitmoji have a sign that says "Do you send me a text message?" If you want your friends to get in touch, or you can show it by watching TV if that is what you are doing.

Like the existing location functions on Snapchat, Status is a subscription service. You can appear invisible on the map when you enter Ghost mode and you can select which friends you share your state with. Its location is not updated when the application is closed, and disappears completely from Snap Map if it is not opened for eight hours.

TechCrunch notes that Statuses could be a valuable new feature for Snapchat, which was forced to refocus on its main messaging service after Instagram cloned its Stories feature with great success. The feature could also provide valuable ad targeting data to Snapchat about where their users are based and what they like to do in multiple locations.

In a statement, Snapchat confirmed that it is currently testing the status function "with a percentage of Snapchatters in Australia". Currently it is not known when the function will be released in a generalized manner.

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