Snapchat needs to fully roll out its new Android app to save itself

Snapchat is quickly losing Android users as it continues to delay the release of updated apps that have been updated for a long time. In its earnings report today, the company reported that the number of active users per day was reduced by two million in the last quarter. CEO Evan Spiegel has lost mainly Android users. In the last quarter, it dropped from 188 million users to 186 million, but last year it was still 178 million. The company has always prioritized iOS users, and last year they started to rethink and optimize apps for Android.

It is important for Spiegel to create a functional app for the company because the upcoming new app is "lightweight, modular and high performance" and appeals to the Android community "" because Android users account for most of the global smartphone market. Snapchat currently offers apps in a beta version of a specific market that lacks features such as video calls, snap codes, custom stickers, and trophies.

The original Android app was buggy, slow, and difficult to use. Last year, Spiegel noticed how the Snapchat team tested a variety of Android phones and viewed ecosystems as "ongoing investments." He said the team wanted to invest more quickly on Android. Still, after a year, the team did not yet have a good word on the Android app.

Meanwhile, the remainder of Snap's revenues focused primarily on advertiser revenue. The company has started a new and original programming to increase engagement and encourage advertisers. The company's sales grew 43 percent year-over-year to $ 298 million, up 14 percent from the previous quarter. The company's Snap Pixel audience tracking device also drives revenue growth and made 230 million purchases easier than 70 million last quarter. Snap focuses on identifying the ad revenue path that can be effective in the future, but if the user continues to bleed, that effort is not worth the effort.

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