Snapchat brings its camera to the desktop to add filters to your streaming videos

Snap, who likes to call the camera company, is bringing that camera to the desktop. Snap Camera for Mac and Windows is integrated with applications such as Twitch, YouTube, Skype and Zoom. Running Snap Camera You can use Snapchat's filter (Snap speak's lens) while streaming Fortnite games or updating sales personnel in the fourth quarter. In the case of Snap, moving to the desktop is a way to extend the life of the user while taking advantage of the user's built-in AR filters.

Snap Camera requires an app installed and camera output from a third-party desktop application. With Snap Camera, you can choose from thousands of Snap lenses made from single houses and community lenses created with your company's Lens Studio tools. You can use keywords to search for a lens, use the star icon to bookmark it, or you can search for the lens you recently used in a dedicated tab. Snapchat accounts do not need to use apps. In fact, you can not actually sign in to Snapchat from a desktop application.


Currently, 250,000 lenses have been submitted using Lens Studio and total 15 billion views. Eitan Pilipski, director of camera platforms at Snap, said: "We are looking for a new distribution channel for creators to do their jobs." We think this is a unique opportunity to bring the Snapchat AR experience to the desktop. "[19659004] Snap today announced the integration on stage at TwitchCon, which has built a custom integration of Twitch that allows broadcasters to easily add and replace lenses while streaming. You can scan QR codes ("Snap codes") to unlock the lenses that are visible in your broadcasts, or you can subscribe to the Top Channels by using the call-to-action that appears next to the Snap codes.

Twitch integration has League of Legends

PlayerUnknown Battleground World of Warcraft and Overwatch Snap is a Snap Camera And Twitch

snapchat brings its camera to the desktop to add filters to your streaming videos

Snap announced a desktop camera in a day after announcing its latest earnings report, which reported the loss of 2 million users in the last quarter.

Snapchat continues to use 168 million people a day, and has been working hard to duplicate this Stories product across the entire product line, dramatically diminishing Snap's momentum, The natural alliance with AdultTech replaces traditional TV broadcasts for young gaming enthusiasts. Assign a keyboard shortcut to quickly switch back and forth between the lens and can be activated by a broadcast that can last more than 4 hours.

In the era defined by the rise of mobile phones and mobile phones, desktop software development is becoming a trend. But as most people sit on a laptop for me, I have a soft spot for a program that makes the most of the big screen. In a quick test of the Snap Camera, I had a good time mocking my colleagues with a dog, an elf, and Skype calls in various cartoon characters.

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Snap Camera provides Snapchat to a new generation of users. However, when Snap brings more Snapchat experience to your desktop application (for example, when you are signing in for an account and getting a temporary message), you'll be using more of your apps. "When we launch this product, we think it's a big deal for us," Pilipski said. "Now we will form a roadmap in a way that we can not really understand."

Meanwhile, Snap Camera creates good, silly fun. I'll take it.

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