A few months ago, we saw the less known SIMO provider, Smarty, abandon an offer to head the rest of the market: 25% discount on your unlimited data plan. And now, Smarty has brought it back, once again claiming its title of best unlimited data offer that only has SIM.

However, although this offer has won us, occupying the number 1 place for SIM offers only at this time, there is not much left to get it. Offer ends August 28 at 12 p.m.

So, what are you paying after that 25% price cut? This offer works at only £ 18.75 per month. Below £ 25, this is quite important savings due to the total lack of limits on your data usage.

But, this is the great news. This agreement is not only attractive with its affordable prices and massive data limit. With Smarty, you only have a continuous 1 month contract, which means you can leave whenever you want.

Smarty even offers the possibility of using your unlimited data as an access point, allowing you to connect your laptop, iPad or even console without fear of running out of data.

Interested? You can see the Smarty offer below in its entirety. Or check out our guide to the best SIM deals just to see what other options are currently available.

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Smarty's excellent SIM offer completes:

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Smarty's unlimited SIM plan | 1 month rolling | Data of everything you can eat | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 25 £ 18.75 per month
Smarty now offers the best price on unlimited data SIM offers. At £ 18.75, this even undermines the offer price of Three. And, there is the additional benefit that this is just a continuous 1 month contract, which allows you to leave whenever you want.

The agreement ends on August 28 at 12 p.m. See agreement

What Are there other SIM offers available?

While SIMO unlimited data is not going to overcome this, Three is in a second place nearby. With two offers of unlimited data separately, one for two years at £ 20 per month (with half-price invoices during the first six months) and the other for one year at £ 20 per month, Three is not far behind Smarty. So, if you like your SIMO of a name that you know or you will miss the end date of this agreement, Tres could be the way to go.

Or if £ 18.75 is even more than you are willing to spend, Three is once again the choice: to offer 8 GB of data for only £ 9 a month.

Finally, for those who prioritize speed over everything else, we would recommend the 20 GB of Carphone Warehouse for £ 20 a month in the US. More expensive than Smarty, but you have access to the fastest 4G speeds in the UK.

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