Smarter Time – Time Management – Productivity v1.166 [Premium] APK Free Download

Smarter Time Update – Time Management – Productivity v1.166 [Premium] APK Free Download Latest version for Android. Smarter Time – Time Management – Productivity v1.166 [Premium].

smarter time – time management – productivity v1.166 [Premium]

smarter time – time management – before downloading productivity v1.

Abstract: Update: In addition to Windows and Mac computer clients, we have added Linux clients for open software users!

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UPDATE: Linux clients in addition to Windows and Mac computer clients fo r open software users!
Enhance time management. Balance the right work and life. Control cell phone time and improve concentration and productivity.
Effective time tracking is the best way to regain productivity, concentration and happiness. Smarter time keeps track of your time throughout the 24 hours and adapts to your personal goals and needs.
We all run out of time. Knowing yourself is not easy and time management does not come naturally to us. Bad time management makes stress, exhaustion and work-life balance difficult!
Smarter time is an automatic time tracker that meets all your time management needs.
Productivity app.
Call time adjustment and focus implementation.
This is a self-improvement tool.
It's a new personal assistant.
How it works:
1. Our learning brain guesses where you are and what you are doing.
2. Create a detailed time record of all activities during reading, sleeping, in the shower, or watching TV.
3. Get an accurate analysis of time usage. It is an easy comprehensive time tracker.
Some of the ways you can take advantage of smart time:
★ Time record of daily schedule
★ Call time control tool to keep concentration
★ Large photo analysis to understand time usage correctly.
★ Productivity app that tracks distractions that lose focus
★ Goal builder to build better habits.
★ Self-improvement tool to achieve the right balance of work and life.
★ Time manager of personal and professional projects.
★ You can always take necessary rest with sleep tracker.
★ Time tracker to get in touch with yourself
Smarter time tracking and smarter time management for smarter lives
Our Privacy Promise
Your privacy is very important. By default, all data is stored on your phone, not on the server, and you will never leave your device unless you enable save / restore.
– Lite Version Function –
– Automatic Time Tracking of All Activities
– Daily Time Log
– Location Detection
– Physical and Physical Activity Records
Google Calendar integration
– Time control
– Time spent on computer
– Thorough analysis
– Weekly report
– Goal
– Show map

– All the items in the Lite version:
– Detailed computer usage
– Room detection
– Custom categories and activity classification
– Data storage and restoration
Known Issues –
– Some Android 5.0 LG and Samsung phones do not have access to app usage statistics
– so I (mostly Samsung, Huawei and Honor, Xiaomi) can often kill apps. To keep automatic time tracking in the background, you can add smarter time to your list of protected apps.
– Help us improve –
We listen to your feedback and can always provide feedback.
New features:
• New tutorials
• Phone calls If you have questions or would like to know more about automatic time tracking, time management or work-life balance, please call [email protected] Time and usage coaching
• Lock screen tracking
• Battery and performance enhancement
Premium features
This app has no ads

Smarter time-to-time management – Productivity v1.166 [Premium] APK – Technical Details

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