Smart homes got fancier this year at CES

The smart house market is still in a favorable position. Unlike a PC or mobile phone, most well-known brands dominate in most cases, and smart home gadgets can be found anywhere, any brand. As long as people perform a function that can not escape from a big name, they will continue to flock.

You can use mainstream options such as Philips Tinted Light or Nest Thermostat. The fun of building a smart home is that you can mix and match different products by choosing an ecosystem (like Alexa, Google or Apple’s HomeKit). At CES 2019, this breed is just an extension.

Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The French company Netatmo has released a smart video doorbell with two useful features. off. It’s the first video doorbell compatible with Apple HomeKit and uses a microSD card for video storage so you do not have to pay for a subscription when you record and record videos.

Kasa Smart Video Doorbell

TP-Link created a Kasa doorbell equipped with a 2K HDR camera, which is usually one step ahead of most doorbell cameras that are closest to 1080p. It uses face recognition to distinguish a stranger from a family. Unfortunately, because it is a wired doorbell, it may be more cumbersome to install.

Ring Door View Cam

This doorbell actually goes beyond the rarity of the wise doorbell. Opening Ring’s product lineup to more homeowners and tenants. The camera can send notifications by tapping the door. Maximus DualCam Video Doorbell

Maximus created one of the first dual camera video doorbells. It shows up and down visitors to cover blind spots that other doorbells may have. Mark Honeycutt, CEO of Jiawei Technology, a Maximus doorbell, says, “It works for both Google Assistant and Alexa because it’s what customers want.

smart homes got fancier this year at ces


Nanoleaf Hexagon Lights

This hexagon light from Nanoleaf changes colors (up to 16.7 million colors) Or touch it, or touch it, will you fill my bedroom with it? Probably not, but it will look nice on the wall behind the RGB gaming PC Nanoleaf said the pricing is still in progress, but the canvas lighting (19659012) Lockly Secure Pro

The Lockly ‘s Secure Pro Smart Lock has five unlocking methods: fingerprint scanner, voice assistant command, It consists of an app, a physical key, and a keypad – the big picture is a keypad, You can hide the passcode by hiding it (almost the same as a T9 text message, “5” stands for J, K and L). The password can not be guessed even if someone stands next to it. And Alexa

1547357328 513 smart homes got fancier this year at ces


Schlage encodes Wi-Fi smart lock

Schlage Encode is a noteworthy product that represents one of several locks that works only on Wi-Fi,


Some of the coolest things that have come into this year ‘s smart home are those that do not rely on the smart home application, as Amazon Key supports it, so you can use courier by express service if you use this lock on the front door. In their category, those who chose the product names for these devices were classified as either species It is often called a species “hub” or other ambiguous term.

Whirlpool Connected Hub Wall Oven

Whirlpool uses augmented reality to place food while baking using the smart oven concept. This product, called Whirlpool Connected Hub Wall Oven, has a 27-inch transparent display that can be used to pick up recipes. Unfortunately, the color and resolution of the screen may improve. The oven is just a concept now and will require more iterations before it gets to market.

GE Kitchen Hub

GE put a 27-inch tablet on the stove. Actually a sort of work. You can stream Netflix and Spotify and work with Google Assistant. Maybe you survived your cooking, but we could not test GE’s claims.

Amazon Key for Garage

Amazon initially wanted the driver to be able to open the front door via the Amazon key and deliver it. You can now extend Garage for Key to allow packages without compromising your privacy. So far Keyage for Garage has been launched in major cities, and it is a strange choice to consider many city dwellers living in apartments without a garage.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo’s smart clock is a Google assistant and looks like a competitor to Amazon Echo Spot. Unlike Spot, it looks like a traditional alarm clock. There is no webcam. Available in spring this year, the price is $ 79.99.

1547357328 159 smart homes got fancier this year at ces


Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilets

If you forget your folding phone and 8K TV, you will be a definite winner of the year at CES. Aside from jokes, this smart restroom is supposed to be available remotely and seamlessly with Alexa. On the sideways there is an ever-changing smoky omble light that creates an atmosphere. Surround sound speakers are emulated in the midst of nature, making a new sound while listening to nature’s sounds.

It is ridiculous. It reminds you that smart home products can truly come from anywhere. The company is old, new, large and small, and can sit at the table in a technical and non-technical atmosphere. The meaning of healthy competition means that smart home space is constantly evolving, especially in the hometown that has existed since centuries ago, when new ideas have been tried. Many of these new products are not yet available and will be available at the end of the year. But when they arrive, they will offer more diversity to our homes.

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