Smart glasses company North announces new, essential features for Focals

North behind Focals smart glasses announced this week that they are updating their glasses to add new and necessary features. The company added support for the Spotify control, as I was most interested in and mentioned in the previous review. The user can skip the song, view the title / artist of the track, and adjust the volume of the listening device connected in the eyeglass control ring called Loop.

The company also conducts direction updates that provide measures for delays as well as public transport. Users can also share ETA with Contacts. So far, Focals has only been able to provide walking directions or calling Ubers. Focals are blocked when the driver thinks he is driving, so he does not provide driving directions.

The company also introduced a "rewind" function that utilizes the built-in microphone of the glasses. The glasses capture the voice memo, send it to the north server, then process it and send it. After processing, the user will receive an email with audio and text notes.

All of these features are cool and important to your company's survival. After looking at the glasses in February, I clearly heard that the New Yorkers did not support essential transit directions and did not allow music playback. This is an important reason to check your phone frequently. .

I hope that you know how effective traffic conditions are in detecting delays. You need to check your Twitter account on the New York City subway to get an accurate picture of what's happening and music control. North says users who do not use Spotify may not have access to some features. But overall, these features will have Focals experience, which is even more necessary if the company dismisses 150 employees in February from the manufacturing department.

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