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SleepTown is an amazing app that helps you achieve a healthy and regular sleep schedule. SleepTown v3.1.4 [Premium] APK Free Download The latest version for Android. Download full APK of SleepTown v3.1.4 [Premium]

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SleepTown v3.1.4 [Premium] You can read a brief overview and feature list below before downloading the APK [19659004] Overview: SleepTown is an amazing app that helps you achieve a healthy and regular sleep schedule.

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SleepTown Is an amazing app that helps you achieve a healthy and regular sleep schedule. Build amazing buildings by achieving daily bedtime and waking goals. Start tonight and lay down your phone before sleeping and build your sleeping town while you sleep.
Maintain a regular sleep schedule with only three steps:
1) Set a difficult bedtime and a waking goal
2) Open SleepTown before bedtime and begin building the building.
3) I woke up before I woke up, shook my phone and saw the building last night.
4) Maintain a regular sleep schedule and repeat this step every day to make your sleep more active!
• Regular sleep schedules
] Set sleep and sleep times, wake up time to sleep, and receive additional compensation to achieve your goals consistently.
• Drop your phone and go to bed.
If you put your phone down before you go to sleep, you can sleep better. If you try to use your phone during sleeping hours, the building under construction will be destroyed.
• Awakening
Now there is a new motivation to wake up in addition to getting to work or school on time: see the buildings you built last night!
• Unlock new buildings and build slip towns
If you have more than 50 unique buildings and more buildings, you will build different buildings every day.
Other features:
– Set sleep indications and alarm clock
– Charges SleepTown for success. Depending on the number of consecutive construction days that can be successful, the amount of revenue you can claim increases.
– Build your desired building using the coins you earned.
– Significantly increases the likelihood of building rare buildings using tickets.
– Check sleep and all sleep statistics on town pages.

* Music and sound design: Shi Kuang Lee
New features:
• Several bugs have been fixed.
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