Sleep as Android v20190313 build 21675 [Final] [Unlocked] APK Free Download

Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Slowly wakes you at the best moment to have a pleasant morning. Sleep as Android v20190313 Build 21675 [Final] [Unlocked] APK Free Download The latest version for Android. Android v20190313 Download the full sleep APK with build 21675 [Final] [Unlocked]

Sleep overview and features v20190313 build 21675 [Final] [Unlocked]

Before downloading sleep to Android v20190313 build 21675 [Final] [Unlocked] APK you can read: Below is a brief overview and feature list.

Abstract: A smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Gently wake you up at a perfect moment in a pleasant morning.
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– Optional Pebble, Android Wear or Galaxy Gear Smart Clock Tracking
– Google Fit.
– Sleep Pace Tracking with Smart wakeup uses mobile phone or wearable sensor , S Health integration
– Smart light bulb control with Philips HUE
– Lack of sleep, sleep and snoring statistics
– Facebook, Twitter sharing
– Smooth volume sound alarm (new, sea, storm. ..) and playlists
– The lullaby (whale, storm, sea, choir, etc.)
– Spotify integration or (19459012) – CAPTCHA Do not sleep again with wake-up confirmation (mathematics, quantity calculation, phone shake, bathroom QR code or NFC tag).
– Sleeping story recording, snoring detection and prevention snoring
– Prevention of fatigue caused by jet lag
– Apnea preliminary screening at sleep
We are waiting for more features!
You can see the latest smart clock integration progress and battery consumption chart.



This application uses the Device Manager privileges to enable the

SmartWatch and Wearables

I will.
The reason is CAPTCHA (the ability to get up in the morning).
New features:
– Finally! Automatic sleep tracking (bye-bye button)!
– IMPORTANT! New REM phase detection algorithm (see
– Experimental FitBit OS Support, Settings> Wearable> FitBit set and[19459012에서시계앱을다운로드하십시오] – Redesigned
– Extremely rare loss alarm correction (when the alarm is delayed and time is changed by the system)
– Rare zero (0, 0, 0,
– Snooze button hint about snooze restrictions
– How to prevent Spotify from stopping the latest playback
– Playlist integrated directly into the ringtone selector
– Settings and graph detail
– Change in the new playlist selection tool
– Switch to weekly theme at bedtime (Settings – Other – Theme)
– Recording settings and sonar sensor Test volume Gain Options (Experimental – can affect sonar
– Free version is recorded on limited date but statistics are blurred (after user imports all data)
– Pause chart and fixed target – Now we keep track of the total snooze length for
Fix to fix DND mode issue when stopping tracking
– Fix sleep time suggestion overlapping recorded sleep problem
– KitKat and earlier No alarm icon displayed
– Workaround for broken status bar on Nokia 8.1
– Improved volume handling of online radio lullad using Sonar
– Problem with no snooze button when using total snooze timeout
Fixed an alarm of rare ANR
– Fixed the ideal sleep time shortcut key (19459012) – Even if you use smart light,
Fixed a problem where the volume was lowered from noise recording on some devices
– Fixed a problem where the date picker problem on an exotic device Workaround
– Modify the latest API level automation intent receiver (all intents require the & # 39; _AUTO & # 39; suffix. https: //
Fixed automatic synchronization of data to cloud with SleepCloud add-on
– New text in French, Italian, Ukrainian (thanks to our contributor, Become a contributor
Mod Info:
Premium features unlocked
Google Fit will work.
This app has no ads

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