Slack vocab game that gave away money for no real reason is getting shut down

The workplace communication platform Slack says it will deactivate a public channel dedicated to giving away $ 1,000 per day to anyone who can guess the selected vocabulary word for that day, citing company policies. The game, called The Word of the Day is, was started by Gabriel Whaley last week as an experiment. He used a Slack robot to monitor the entries, which were single-word messages entered into the public channel. The winners were sent the money through Venmo.

Whaley, the founder and executive director of a creative agency based in New York City called MSCHF Internet Studios, told The Verge at that time that "he was just trying to keep the internet like a fun place and escape. "In quick order, the game gained popularity and editorials from leading news organizations and even a sponsorship for one of its daily games from Chipotle, which is a former MSCHF client.

Apparently, that kind of fun is not allowed in Slack. "We are writing to inform you that the Slack workspace associated with the Word of the Day website will be permanently suspended in 124 hours," the company told Whaley in a note today. "While we love the creativity behind your project, Slack is a tool designed for use by companies and organizations, not as a platform for consumer games (even when they expand our vocabulary). Because the Word of the Day project violates several of Slack's policies, we can not allow it to continue on our platform. "

Slack says that its acceptable use policy requires that the product be used only for businesses and organizations and that can not be used as a platform for commercial media or contests, the company says that it also has limits on the memberships in the work area due to online scams, and that the Word of the Day group violated those policies by allowing that anyone would join through their website and use the platform to deliver cash rewards It's ironic if we consider Slack, as well as the mega success of Flickr, co-founder and CEO of Stewart Butterfield, who started as a video game, from the which was extracted the chat platform and became a business of its own.

The members of the Slack channel have not been very good with the news, with an open chaos in the The main channel, now called "#the_void". Whaley also opened an account in Teespring that sells shirts with the slogan of Slack. : Where the work happens ", emblazoned with the company logo wrapped in flames.

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