Slack looks to richer apps to help it fend off Microsoft Teams

Slack has introduced third-party apps on the platform for many years, but in recent months the company has focused on expanding chat apps. Earlier this year, Slack bridged the gap between email and instant messaging and made the service easier to use in Microsoft's Office 365 apps. In addition to this, Slack is working with Google, Zoom and other large enterprise developers to integrate their apps more closely with Slack. Currently, at Slack's Spec conference in San Francisco, the company is opening the door for tighter app integration and making it easier for Slack users to find apps. Often difficult Slack is updating the way apps appear in more user-like user interfaces. This includes apps that can be used at a particular workplace and how to find others. Slack adds a menu of persistent tasks along with quick app actions to the sidebar. Typically, these messages appear as message actions today, but they are exposed within your channel to make your app easier for people to use. A good example is that Slack has an IT help desk channel and you can use the task of reporting a broken laptop or security review right inside the slack.

slack looks to richer apps to help it fend off microsoft teams

New Channel Actions for Slack Apps

Make more functional, interactive and ultimately user friendly apps. Each app now has the option to create a new home tab interface, which allows developers to showcase the various features and tasks available. Currently, the app works similarly to bots that provide information to the user, and this home interface resembles what you would see in a typical web app.

Google Calendar is one of the first products to launch the Home Tab. It can be used to display the current date or the entire future calendar. It's a great way to check your calendar without leaving Slack, and you can also accept or decline meetings and join phones right from this Home tab.

Apps may also use windows (or "modal") for developers. If you hover over the main Slack interface, you can collect data from the form or display results and interactive content. This greatly improves the way bots work in Slack, allowing developers to display different screens to send and receive information.


Slack apps can now have windows for data.

Slack is making it easier to use corporate software without having to switch windows or use other apps at the heart of all developer-focused presentations. I think this is a natural way for companies to compete with what Microsoft offers through Office 365 services and Microsoft Teams. Slack cannot provide all of these apps and services on their own, but instead will work and integrate with partners as much as the developer wants.

“You can focus on providing a great experience with the basic features of the Slack feature. But other 98% of company IT spending outside of Slack brings a lot of other added value. "It's a real main focus for us to allow people to take that information and connect it with the main actions that make information available at their fingertips in Slack."

New modal / window functionality will be available immediately is. Updated app launcher, menu actions and app home features will be available within a few months. So by 2020, we expect the Slack app to really start changing.

Slack is already outpacing Microsoft in the area of ​​pure app integration even if Microsoft Teams goes beyond the number of active users. Satisfying developers is important for Slack users to be satisfied and rely on chat services. Integrating as many features into Slack as possible will rely on additional features that save you money and time, and you won't have to switch to the Microsoft team. Slack may not want to worry about Microsoft's aggressive team push, but the competition between the two will be even more intense after 2020.

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