Slack isn’t worried about Microsoft’s big Teams push

Microsoft has seen more than 13 million people using Microsoft team chat software this week. This means that this app has caught up with slack. News is important, but active user numbers do not tell the whole story. Microsoft leverages popular Office 365 services to deliver Microsoft Teams to businesses and support strategies.

Slack founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield advertised the full page in the New York Times two years ago, he welcomed Microsoft competition and showed Slack was a little nervous about the software giant. Microsoft has overtaken Slack in terms of raw user counts, and Butterfield says he is not worried about the rapid growth of the Microsoft team. CNBC Butterfield said, "I do not think this is a threat if it is based on a larger distribution [Office 365]." Bing failed to try to counter Google's powerful search engine dominance. "That billions of dollars [search engine] and I do not know their market share is -9% or so now," Butterfield said. In another comparison, Butterfield mentioned that Google+ failed despite attempts to provide it with all of Google's services.

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Slack is a human software shortcomings We need to make sure people love their apps. As a key part of Slack's full-page ad, Microsoft warned about product love and "a fundamentally different approach to supporting customers and working with partners to adapt to new and better work practices."

Slack vs. Microsoft We did not focus on the heart of the entire UX using Microsoft Teams, and we needed to use only two services to understand the differences. The Microsoft team maintains close relationships with cloud services from Office, Skype, and Microsoft, but far surpasses the third-party integration and overall quality and mind of Slack. At the same time, Slack is a little behind Microsoft's video and audio codons because Microsoft can deeply integrate Skype, hold meetings, and record more easily.

These little differences show that we focus on two chat services. To other customers. Microsoft has a vast business that relies on its software and services. On the other hand, Slack tried to break into companies and convinced many SMEs and venture companies to use the software. Slack's challenge is to make people pay for services, and Microsoft is making people love to use the service. Slack currently has more than 88,000 paid customers, but more than 500,000 organizations use free plans.

slack isnt worried about microsofts big teams push

As part of the Office 365 subscription, Microsoft is actively engaging with teams. Look on Monday. Microsoft hosted the Inspire Partner Conference in Las Vegas this week and requested that thousands of attendees download Microsoft Teams mobile apps instead of Starbucks Coffee, which is available to thousands of attendees during the keynote. Microsoft has been angered by some of the frustrated licensing changes for many partners. The company says it's sorry to offer free "Microsoft Inspire Cloud Macchiato" Starbucks coffee.

Recent reports indicate that Microsoft's sales team is focused on driving people to use the team next year. In other words, or even competition with the future recession will become more intense.

Microsoft has now caught up with Slack usage, but it does not necessarily mean people enjoying the team. Or that they use it for hours every day. Microsoft initially ignored small businesses that did not use Office 365 with Teams and accidentally started offering free versions of their applications last year.

At the heart of the Microsoft team is now attracting new and older Microsoft customers instead of businesses running in Microsoft Office. Otherwise, Slack will continue to advance to the next generation of customers who are willing to use Google's G Suite and Slack to build their next generation of digital business.

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