Slack engineer figures out way to load messages into a 1995 SNES game

Slack is a relatively simple chat application with powerful features. Example: In Bertrand Fan's "Slack on a SNES" project, Slack engineers figured out how to load a message from a custom channel into a 1995 Nintendo game via spoofed satellite transmission.

BS-X: The story of a stolen town was a SNES game that came with an accessory called Satellaview, a modem peripheral for Super Famicom (Japan SNES). Games receive a lot of data transfer in a way that is updated frequently over the Internet. At that time, however, you had to wait for Nintendo to illuminate you with some data. Also, the setup seemed to be wildly complex.

slack engineer figures out way to load messages into a 1995 snes game

Image: Muband

But according to Fan, Nintendo actually updated the game for five years. Of course, he did not have an old SNES console or Satellaview around. And Nintendo stopped networking support about 18 years ago. Instead, Fan was able to create its own Satellaview file using a SNES emulator, an 8bitdo controller module kit, and a software tool called SatellaWave.

Fan suggested how to update the merchants in the game in BS-X with the information of the slack channel and use the time of the message and the sender as the title of the item. The content of the message as a description of the message Then, after writing custom code, I used one of Slots' APIs and bots to check the channel history and get the 10 most recent messages to automate the process. If you keep running the emulator, you can update your store in real time as messages arrive.

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Image: Bertrand Fan

While fans acknowledge that the project is clearly stupid and impractical for the first time, it is still true that the future-oriented technology of Nintendo was restored in 1995 and still emulated and used 20 years later. There is.

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